10 Amazing Benefits Of Benzoin Essential Oil

Styrax benzoin is actually a tree that is native to some parts of South East Asia such as Laos and Vietnam and this bezoin is used for the preparation of an essential oil which is widely known for its medicinal purposes. Benzoin tree is quite tall and usually grows about 20 m of height and the leaves of this plant are oval in shape and also the flowers are merely greenish yellow in color.

It is known for its medicinal purposes since ages especially in places like Greece and some other areas of Europe. The oil is produced through a process called benzoin condensation where most of this oil actually consists of resin like substance. Apart from that it also contains compounds like benzxoin benzoate, benzoic acid, phenylethylene etc.

However it has to be noted that there can be certain allergic conditions with the usage of this oil and hence it has to be kept in mind that benzoin essential oil has to be tested before the usage. Doing so might keep you away from various health problems on the whole. In this regard, this article vividly features some of the best health benefits of benzoin essential oil which makes you to include it in your regular diet.

1. Used As A Deodorant:

The name itself suggests that benzoin essential oil is rich in aroma and hence it can be used in the preparation of perfumes and deodorants. One mustn’t forget that benzene is actually a cyclic organic compound and is aromatic in nature and this is the reason why benzoin produces aroma. Also one stunning advantage of this essential is that this can be used both to remove the body odor as well as a room cleaner. This is because of the fact that when benzoin essential oil is applied to the body it actually attacks the germs that causes odor. However many of the people doesn’t prefer to use it directly instead they feel it a lot worthy to include a tint of oil in bath water as well as massage oils. At times, women even use this oil to smoke their hair to make it smell a lot better.[1]

Used As A Deodorant

2. Diuretic In Nature:

One of the prominent uses of benzoil oil is that it actually acts as a diuretic and this is nothing but it actually facilitates the production of excess urine. Production of excess urine is necessary at times because urine can be probably the only way where some of the unwanted toxins and other harmful substances move out of the body. This removal of wastes is highly necessary as the storage of these harmful substances might result in various infections as well as some other deadly diseases on the whole.[2]

Diuretic In Nature

3. Controls Diabetes:

Diabetes has now become one of the most alarming issues nowadays and this is because unlike the previous generations, diabetes has been striking many of the individuals at some very early ages and there is a lot of necessity to control the growth of this deadly disease. This is because extreme cases of diabetes might also be fatal at times and this isn’t a case expected and hence one has to opt for suitable natural remedies to handle the cases of diabetes as prolonged use of synthetic medicines might get you to land in troubles completely. Benzoin essential oil can be highly helpful under such cases.

This is because of the fact that this essential oil is highly necessary for the reduction in the glucose levels in an individual in the blood and this in turn reduces the effect of diabetes. Also certain properties of benzoin essential oil are known to promote the secretion of insulin from the endocrine glands of the body and insulin is something that can keep the sugar levels in your blood in control.[3]

Controls Diabetes

4. Gum Health:

It has become quite a natural process to get the gums weaken at some very early ages. This is solely due to the fact that the food habits of the humans have changed a lot and also the quality of the food has been continuously decreasing nowadays. Hence it is highly important to care of your oral health with the help of certain natural remedies that can be highly helpful in handling the cases of gum disorder and reduce the extent of bleeding of gums. This is something highly desired and hence it is recommended to all the individuals who are actually suffering from various gum problems to use this essential oil as a natural mouthwash daily and this induces sound oral health to the individual.[4]

Gum Health

5. Skin Health:

Benzoin essential oil is known well to handle certain skin diseases and this is solely due to the fact that certain compounds in the oil have some high anti inflammatory properties. Hence this can be used to handle the cases of some skin problems especially wounds and scars that are formed due to some heavy wounds.[5]

Skin Health

6. Antidrepessant:

Many of the studies ave proved that benzoin essential oil is highly necessary to keep the mood in control and this has also a tendency to take you out of some bad mood. This is because of the fragrance it generates and also certain other compounds that assist a lot in maintaining your mental health. Hence it is highly recommended by a few doctors that benzoin essential oil has to be highly used during some cases of depression, stress and even anxiety.[6]


7. Reduces Acidity:

One of the main advantages of benzoin essential oil is that it actually keeps the acidity in check where acidity is solely the main reason for many of the gastric problems.[7]

Reduces Acidity

8. Used As Antiseptic:

Certain properties of benzoin essential oil makes it a worthy alternative that handle the cases of wounds quite well and also strive a lot to reduce the wounds to the maximum extent.[8]

Used As Antiseptic

9. Vulenary:

This property of benzoin essential oil makes it a worthy one as it protects the wounds from various infections.[9]


10. Anti Inflammatory:

The anti inflammatory nature of benzoin essential oil is highly responsible to handle the cases of some deadly diseases and also reduces the extent of ulcers as a whole.[10]

Anti Inflammatory