10 Effective Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, otherwise known as tinea pedis, is an infection that is similar to ringworm. Wetness of foot encourages the growth of fungi. Damp and warm environments boost the development of fungi. When your foot is wet, the environment is very perfect for the growth of bacteria. As a result, spread of the disease is at the rising trend when your foot is moist. Burning and itching sensation are associated with this skin infection. You can find these symptoms in soles of your foot and in between your toes. As a first sign of infection, you can notice redness on the skin. With time, you can notice scaling and cracking of the skin. Fortunately, this condition can be easily dealt with the help of few effective home remedies.

Here Are The 10 Amazing Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot:

1. White Vinegar

White Vinegar is an effective and natural disinfectant. This ingredient not only acts as a deodorizer but also acts as a powerful anti-bacterial agent. Acetic acid present in vinegar is rich in antimicrobial properties. For handling the condition of athlete’s foot, you need to mix one cup of white vinegar in water. Allow your feet to soak in this medicated solution for at least ten minutes. [1]Remove your feet from the solution and pat them dry. Follow this process for three times a day.

white vinegar

2. Salt Water

Salt is not only beneficial in adding taste to your dishes, but also helps in handling various health problems. Also, salt is very helpful in dealing with various skin related issues. You can get rid of athlete’s foot with the help of salt water remedy. Prepare a solution by mixing salt and water. Soak your feet in this solution. Let your feet rest in this solution for few minutes.[2] Within 2 days, you can notice the best results.

salt water

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil remedy works well in helping you to get rid of athlete’s foot. All you have to do is to apply the olive oil on the affected area. As you follow this process, you are relieved from annoying symptoms of this skin condition. [3]Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of olive oil help in giving you relief from this annoying athlete’s foot.

olive oil

4. Garlic

Garlic is loaded with anti-fungal properties that help to lessen the symptoms of athlete’s foot. Natural chemicals are abundant in garlic. These chemicals play a vital role in killing the harmful organisms. For reaping the benefits of garlic to handle athlete’s foot, you need to peel and mince garlic and put it in your sock and wear it to bed. Follow this process for few nights.[4] Within few days, you can notice the improvement. Alternatively, rub the peeled garlic clove on the affected feet.


5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent home remedy for handling athlete’s foot. Make a fine paste by adding water into baking soda. Apply this powerful paste on the affected area. Alternatively, you can soak your feet in the solution of water and baking soda.[5] Do this for at least twenty minutes. Follow this process for at least few days for noticing the best results.

baking soda

6. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is rich in anti-bacterial properties. Also, skin-soothing properties are plentiful in this powerful natural ingredient. You can reap the skin-friendly benefits of aloe vera by extracting and applying its gel on the affected area. [6]You should apply the gel of aloe vera on the affected area for at least twice a day.

aloe vera gel

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most popular ingredient that comes to your rescue in handling various health disorders. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of coconut oil help in reducing the symptoms of athlete’s foot. [7]Healing process is fastened by applying the coconut oil on the affected area.

coconut oil

8. Onion Juice

Onion is a store house of healing properties. Anti-bacterial properties are rich in onions. You can easily handle the condition of athlete’s foot by simply rubbing the juice of onion in between the affected toes. [8]You need to repeat this process for at least two to three times in a day.

Onion Juice

9. Honey

Healing properties of honey are very popular. Applying honey on the affected area helps to promote the healing process. After applying honey, allow it dry overnight. For this purpose, cover the affected foot with a sock. In the following morning, rinse off with water and pat your foot dry. [9]Honey, by acting as a natural anti-bacterial agent helps in reducing the problem to a greater extent.


10. Lemon Juice

You can easily get great relief from athlete’s foot with the help of lemon juice remedy. All you have to do is to clean your feet and pat it dry. [10]Then, start applying lemon juice on the affected area. Repeat the process for several times in a day for relief.

lemon juice