10 Home Remedies For Acidity

Human beings are under serious coverage of various types of health issues, which have become very much mandatory to cure on time. Health issues are on rise and it should be put a hold during exact time. Acidity is one such kind of health problem that leads to unrest and the person suffers from pain. It is also associated with various kinds of other symptoms that become very difficult to bear. Acidity is very common issue that is arise due to various factors such as consumption of acid foods, oily foods and various other reasons. It will be really be better to cure this problem by using some of the well renowned and easy home remedies.

Here Are 10 Home Remedies For Acidity:

1. Lemon

Lemon is very easily found at home as it is generally used for consumption in day to day life. Use of lemon can help to cure the issue of acidity in short span of time.Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice into water and add sugar into it. Mix it well and drink for getting best results.


2. Mint

Mint is usually used for preparation of various types of dishes in kitchen. The same mint leaves contain some sort of medicinal properties that can put the level of acid into exact level.Boil some of these leaves in water and drink this hot solution slowly to extract its results.


3. Kokum

Kokum is used to prepare good types of drinks at home. You can easily use this kokum to put the problem of acidity at bay. It has various types of composition that can help to reduce the deadly effects of acidity. [3]Add this solution to water and drink to reduce acidity problem.


4. Cucumber

Cucumber is well known for its cool nature. Intake of cucumber in proper amount can help to get rid of the bad effects of acidity. Take some cucumber in your daily diet in the form of salads. You can also prepare the juice of cucumber and drink it regularly.


5. Carrot

Carrot juice is supposed to be the best kind of solution to fight with the problem of acidity. The alkaline nature of carrot will surely help to tackle the problem and cure the issue. Prepare some fresh juice of carrot and add little bit of pepper to it.


6. Onion

Onions are also supposed to cure the problem of acidity. Onions contains juice that is good to cure acidity problem. Always make sure to take raw onions or any sort of onion dishes to extract the best benefits.


7. Beetroot

Beetroot juice has deep medicinal properties to tackle the problem of acidity problem. It is also enriched with various types of other features to remove the pain that is experienced during acidity. Prepare some fresh beetroot juice and drink to get best results.


8. Sandal

Sandal is used for its various kinds of properties such as for beauty products, health benefits and many more. Prepare a fresh solution of sandal and consume at least for three times in a day to get desired results on time.


9. Coconut Water

Coconut water is used for its beneficial properties for stomach. It can work perfectly to cure acidity related issues and all of its symptoms. Take fresh from of coconut water and its pulp on regular basis.

coconut water


10. Cold Milk

Cold milk is very useful to deal with acidity problem. Try to take cold milk in small amount during early morning hours and while going to bed during night time to get best results.

cold milk