10 Serious Side Effects Of Camphor For Your Health

Camphor is a fantastic natural product which is widely used by common people for several special purposes. It is preferred as a remedy for removing dry cough and common cold sometimes by its victim. Camphor is also preferred for protecting your body against viral infections of complex flu’s like swine flu and bird flu too. But, are you aware of the side effects produced by regular use of camphor on your body. IF not then here are some serious side effects of camphor that will make you clear about its usage in limited quantities only by people:-

1. Make Lips dry:

Camphor is responsible for making your lips to dryness factor thereby making its skin both flaking and peeling when it is used regularly as a remedy for skin inflammation. If you’ve became a victim of lip dryness due to excessive use of camphor then it is advisable to you to go for medical guidance so as to get rid of allergic reaction comfortably.

Causes skin rashes:- Regular use of camphor causes skin rashes and skin redness in different parts of the body. These rashes cause painful sensation to the rash prone skin which becomes difficult to remove without proper medication.

Make Lips dry

2. Causes Eczema:

Eczema is a complex skin side effect of camphor usage which is associated with the swelling around eye region due to dryness factor in facial skin tissues. Common symptoms of Eczema include swelling of eyes, flaking skin and painful irritation on face. You can’t depend on home remedies to get rid of Eczema and if you still use camphor on peeled and broken skin then stop it immediately to ease discomfort and inflammation of skin anymore.

Causes Eczema

3. Damages Liver:

Camphor is highly toxic in nature and its intake even in small amount causes many side effects on the liver health of its consumer. In fact, its small dose by children may lead to their sudden death. Therefore, it is very essential to keep camphor away from reach of small children as it can damage their liver badly with its hepatotoxicity effect.

Damages Liver

4. Causes Seizures:

Consumption of camphor in any form directly affects the nerve cells of the brain thereby affecting brain function which is responsible for brain seizures. Camphor indigestion is so much harmful that it can leads to acute chemical imbalance in the brain thereby causing brain hemorrhage if its diagnosis is not taken at early stages.

Causes Seizures:

5. Causes Respiratory Problems:

Camphor intake is also very harmful for respiratory tract and can cause severe respiratory disorders. Camphor should be used away from the reach of children who’re already suffering from asthma or bronchitis as it may cause sudden respiratory arrest and chest congestion on your children health.

Causes Respiratory Problems

6. Dangerous For Lactating Mothers:

Camphor is very dangerous for women undergoing pregnancy stage and lactating mothers because it directly affects their fetus of such females. In fact, absorption of camphor through skin cracks and placenta directly reaches to the milk of lactating mothers which can lead to sudden death of an infant after breast feeding. Its absorption by placenta of women also causes physical and neurological damage to the fetus of pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Dangerous For Lactating Mothers

7. Causes Parkinson’s Disease:

Camphor is also very dangerous for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The toxic nature of camphor produces negative impact on the respiratory system and enhances the toxicity level thereby damaging the cardiovascular tissues. The poisonous nature of Camphor also prohibits the effect of medicines used in diagnosis of Parkinson disease which can lead to severe cardiac failure too.

Causes Parkinson’s Disease

8. Affects Scalp health:

Camphor oil is considered to an effective remedy for all types of hair problems but it is also a fact that application of camphor oil on peeling, broken and itchy scalp also produces a poisonous effect on brain nerves with its deep penetration action. Camphor oil can be easily absorbed by the cracks residing on the scalp that can lead to itching and painful sensation on the scalp as well as brain cells. Therefore, you must consult your hair expert first before applying camphor oil on your scalp so as to confirm whether your scalp skin is cracked or fine.

Affects Scalp health

9. Creates Chest Problems:

Camphor is very dangerous for chest health and can cause unbearable discomfort on the chest if it is consumed even accidentally. Camphor arouses feeling of fullness and tightness along with swelling around chest portion which causes great discomfort to its victim.

Creates Chest Problems

10. Can Cause Jaundice:

Camphor intake produces adverse effect on liver function that can arouse jaundice like complications. IF you’re consuming it as a healing herb remedy for any health complication then it must be preferred only after consulting your doctor so as to safeguard your liver from damaging condition.

Can Cause Jaundice