11 Herbal Remedies For Canker Sores


Formation of sores in the mouth and other nearby areas can create problem at a very later stage. There are various kinds of sores that can affect human body. Canker Sores are one kind of sores that are generally formed near the lining of mouth. They can also occur in tongue, lips and also in throat. The formation of these varieties of sores can create pain and it can also last long if proper steps are not taken on time. Canker Sores are generally formed due to various reasons such as bad dental hygiene, stress, deficiency of nutrients and viral infections. Virus can cause the formation of sores and hence it should be treated as soon as possible.

Below Are The 11 Herbal Remedies For Canker Sores:

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree is an herbal product that performs well in case of Canker Sores. It has deep source of antibacterial and antiviral properties to fight with the Canker Sores.[1] You can apply the oil directly on the affected areas or you can mix this oil in saline solution. It will soon help to reduce the intensity of pain and removes the sores in short span of time.

Use Tea Tree Oil

2. Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil is very effective in dealing with the Canker Sores in short period of time.[2] The pain that originates from the Canker Sores can be properly controlled by the application of myrrh oil. Use of this oil will reduce swelling and soreness. Mix this oil to your saline solution and gargle your mouth the solution. Repeat the step till the sores are completely gone.


3. Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil is another effective type of oil that has its own antiviral properties. Use of this oil will fight with the virus and avoids the further formation.[3] You can add little bit of wintergreen oil in saline solution and wash your mouth with it. This will help to reduce the intensity of the pain caused by Canker Sores. It does not provide any side effects.


4. Licorice Root

Licorice root is supposed to contain high amount of tannic acid or tannin, which is going to help in curing the problem of Canker Sores.[4] Take some licorice root and prepare tea from it. You can use the solution directly on the affected part of the skin and keep it for some time. Licorice tea bags will be perfect while curing the problem of sores.

Licorice Root

5. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has oil that will be perfect to reduce the effect of Canker Sores.[5] The pain and swelling that is caused due to this variety of sores can be easily cured without much effort. You can use this oil directly as the tannins present in it will work in a very unique manner to eradicate the entire issue.


6. St John’s Wort

It is a high end herb that is used due to its various features.[6] It mainly contains tannic acid that is very effective in dealing with Canker Sores. It also has antiviral properties that will help to remove the viral infections that are causing Canker Sores. Use this herb in the form of tea to remove the viral infection.


7. Sage

Sage is one more wonderful kind of herb that can also help you to cure Canker Sores problem. Sage herb can be used in small tea bags and dipped into warm water.[7] Put this tea bag on the infected region for some time. Sage herb has its own benefits and you will soon discover it.

sage leaves

8. Peppermint

Peppermint is also considered as herbal remedy to cure Canker Sores problem during initial stage.[8] You can use peppermint juice directly on the sores area to get better benefits. You can also prepare tea from peppermint and drink this tea in regular interval to derive its best positive results.


9. Cankerroot

Cankerroot is a type of herb that got its name by curing Canker Sores problem. It is a very superb herb that was used in the ancient times to cure the same problem.[9] You can prepare tea from the root or can also directly chew them to extract the juice from it. The healing properties of the root will soon cure the viral infection.


10. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is also used as an effective type of herb that is used to cure the Canker Sores problem.[10] This herb is well loaded with lots of antiviral properties and it will help to reduce the viral infection. Goldenseal has been used to deal with the problem from past many years.


11. Wild Geranium

Wild geranium root can be used to treat the Canker Sores problem.[11] It has good antiviral properties that are going to reduce the infection. It is worth applying the root near the infected areas to get desired results.