12 Amazing Benefits Of Argan Oil For Your Skin And Hair

There are many natural products with lots of beauty benefits. Hence, we have to understand the importance of natural products to grab the beauty benefits. Once we understand the cosmetic properties of natural products, we can minimize the usage of chemical based cosmetics for protecting our skin and hair from unwanted side effects. Argan oil is one of such effective natural product with innumerable beauty benefits. It is rich in moisturizing and hydrating properties. Fatty acids and vitamin E is high in this wonder oil. Hence, this oil is popularly known as a natural moisturizer. In addition, it offers various beauty benefits for your skin and hair.

In This Article, Let Us Focus On The Beauty Benefits Of Using Argan Oil:

1. Fights Acne:

Acne is the most horrible skin problem. Today’s cosmetic market is loaded with lots of anti-acne treatments. But, it is always better to handle the problem from the roots with the help of natural products as this problem can be effectively handled by using soothing products on acne prone skin. Argan oil is said to be effective in soothing acne prone skin and thus chance of developing acne is greatly reduced. Argan oil is capable of regulating the levels of sebum and thus helps in keeping the skin free from acne.[1]


2. Lessens The Appearance Of Wrinkles:

Argan oil penetrates into the skin very quickly. This amazing skin friendly oil contains vitamin E, triterpenes, phytosterols and, carotene. All these elements of this amazing oil help in lessening the appearance of wrinkles. This oil is best suitable for aged, sensitive and damaged skin. Anti-inflammatory properties of argan oil are very effective in soothing your skin. Apply few drops of this oil on the wrinkles. Skin nourishing properties of this oil help in ironing out the wrinkles effectively.[2]

Lessens The Appearance Of Wrinkles

3. Relieves Eczema:

Eczema is referred to as an Itchy and red rash. Over-the-counter medications may help to ease eczema. Healing this skin problem with the help of natural products may reduce the chances of any side effects. Argan oil acts as a best healing agent for eczema. If the outbreak is severe, you need to seek immediate medical advice. If the issue is manageable, apply argan oil on the affected area for several times a day. While applying the oil, you must make sure that your hands are clean and dry.[3]

Relieves Eczema

4. Relieves Psoriasis:

Argan oil is not only used for improving our beauty but is very helpful in soothing certain skin conditions. The issue of psoriasis can be easily dealt with argan oil. When affected by psoriasis, our skin becomes brittle and dry. Hydrating powers of argan oil help in revitalizing the skin. Thus, the horrible symptoms of psoriasis are easily alleviated with the help of argan oil. Apply the oil on the affected area for several times a day for noticing the best results.[4]

Relieves Psoriasis

5. Relieves Brittle Nails:

Argan oil is said to be effective in healing brittle nails. Various medical conditions affect the texture and shape of our nails. When nails become brittle, they get easily cracked. Hence we have to solve the issue from the root cause. If the problem is only due to the lack of moisture, we can solve the problem very easily by supplying adequate moisture to the nails. For achieving this purpose, argan oil plays an important role. Apply the oil on your nails. This oil is rich in hydrating properties. Thus, you can get rid of brittle nails problem very easily.[5]

Relieves Brittle Nails

6. Soothes Your Dry Scalp:

Dry scalp is one of the embarrassing problems. Various factors contribute to this problem. Poor diet, dry and cold weather, frequent shampooing and usage of chemical based hair products are few of the culprits that lead to dry scalp. If your shoulders are surrounded by white flakes, you are surely suffering from dry scalp. You have to opt for dry scalp treatments. Fortunately, you can handle this problem with the help of argan oil. This oil is full of hydrating properties. These properties help in keeping your scalp healthy and clean.[6]

Soothes Your Dry Scalp

7. Soothes Your Dry Skin:

When your skin looses moisture content, you experience the problem of dry skin. Dry skin is usually common. In some cases, certain medications lead to dry skin. You may experience itching when affected by dry skin. When the problem is severe, you may experience breaks and cracks in the skin. Argan oil is best suitable for dry skin. Deep hydrating qualities of argan oil help in maintaining the elasiticity of the skin. Vitamin E is rich inargan oil. Hence applying this oil on the dry skin helps in soothing the issue very effectively.[7]

Soothes Your Dry Skin

8. Assures Pore Health:

Argan oil is good for pore health. Usage of this oil for alleviating various skin problems does not clog the pores. Hence, this oil is very helpful for maintaining pore health. If you are suffering from pore issues, you can use this oil without any hesitation.[8]

Assures Pore Health

9. Handles Damaged Hair:

Argan oil is popularly known as liquid gold due to its abundant healing properties. This oil provides excellent results in repairing your damaged hair. Unsaturated fatty acids are high in this oil. Because of these elements, argan oil helps in making your hair smooth, manageable and soft. As you apply this oil to your hair on a regular basis, you can get rid of split ends.[9]

Handles Damaged Hair

10. Good For Hair Growth:

Argan oil is not only effective in handling various skin issues it is also equally beneficial in handling various hair problems. This oil is capable of encouraging hair growth. In addition, it adds gloss and shine to your hair. Argan oil helps in protecting your hair from becoming brittle and thin.[10].High content of vitamin E of this oil acts as hair moisturizer too. Argan oil is a wonderful hair mask for nourishing your hair.

Good For Hair Growth

11. Reduces Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks make your appearance unsightly. You can try argan oil remedy for managing stretch marks. This oil is high in skin-nourishing properties. These elements are great for managing stretch marks. Apply few drops of this oil on the affected area for lightening the appearance of stretch marks.[11]

Reduces Stretch Marks

12. Heals Chapped Lips:

Chapped lips problem is not restrained to any particular season. You can find this problem in all seasons due to various factors. Poor diet is the main factor. However, you can handle this problem with some natural remedies. Argan oil helps in managing chapped lips problem. Argan oil is said to be rich in vitamin E and A. Omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid and antioxidants are high in this oil. All these help in soothing your chapped lips.thus, this oil is said to be effective in handling chapped lips problem.[12]

Heals Chapped Lips

Thus, argan oil is very effective in managing various skin and hair care issues. This natural product helps in adding natural glow to your skin and hair. As you get habituated with argan oil, you can reduce the usage of chemical based cosmetics. Thus, you can reduce unwanted side effects of chemical products.