15 Amazing Benefits Of Vanilla For Skin,Hair And Health

You must be enjoyed many times by the delicious taste offered by vanilla essence and extract in your vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake. In fact, vanilla essence and extract are generally used in making of custard, cake, ice cream and other special desserts more nowadays and it has became an essential ingredient for such edible desserts. The sweetness and softness of vanilla is also very useful in making of sweet drinks and other confectioneries. You will be shock to know that vanilla essence offers many skins, hair and health benefits to its consumer. Following are the best benefits of vanilla which will definitely make you a great lover of it:

Skin Benefits Of Vanilla:

1. Removes Acne:

Vanilla essence is very helpful in removal of acne and other unwanted signs on skin due to the presence of superb antibacterial properties in it. You can consume vanilla in form of desserts or you can also apply its bean in raw form so as to gain maximum benefit in removal of scars and acne residing on your skin tone.

Removes Acne

2. Removes Ageing Signs:

Vanilla is a rich antioxidant that helps in retaining the lost elasticity of skin and reversing the effects of skin damage aroused due to free radicals. It is blessed with fantastic anti-ageing properties that can give a soft and smoothness to the dull looking skin. You only need to apply mixed paste prepared with extract of vanilla taken from its bean and organic oil to your dull skin so as to attain youthful and shiny skin for a long time.

Removes Ageing Signs

3. Gives Relief From Heat Burn:

Vanilla is a fantastic remedy for removing painful sensation caused by heat burns, wound and cuts. However, it is advisable for you to not apply the concentrated vanilla extracts to the affected area especially recent burns because it arouses unbearable pain to the skin when it is applied in concentrated form.

Gives Relief From Heat Burn

4. Makes Skin Healthy:

Vanilla is highly rich in Vitamin B and contains some special antioxidant properties that helps in maintaining healthy skin thereby removing all the allergens and toxins residing on your skin tone. You need to massage your face daily with the prepared paste of 4 vanilla beans, freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 tbsp of sugar and 2 drops of vanilla essential oil followed by rinsing your face with warm water to safeguard your skin against skin damage.

Makes Skin Healthy

Hair Benefits Of Vanilla:

5. Gives Shiny Hair:

Vanilla is very helpful in making your hair silky, smooth and shiny. You need to apply mixture of 2 tbsp of almond oil, castor oil mixed in 5 drops of vanilla essential oil and small amount of boiled shea butter. Application of this paste for 15 minutes before washing it with mild shampoo will definitely gives utmost shine and softness to your hair follicles.

Gives Shiny Hair

6. Reduces Hair Fall:

Vanilla is too good for promoting hair growth in combination with essential oils and carrier oils. You need to massage your hair with mixed solution of vanilla essential oil and virgin olive oil and then washing it off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Repeating this activity for a month will definitely remove hair fall issue from its root comfortably.

Reduces Hair Fall

Health Benefits Of Vanilla:

7. Reduces Depression:

If you are suffering from depression and anxiety disorder then massaging your hair with a paste made form essence of vanilla, castor oil, jojoba oil and milk will definitely help you to get rid of this complexion. Vanilla essence offers great satisfaction to the nervous system and it is also advised to drink a cup of milk containing vanilla scent to get fast relief from mental stress condition.

Reduces Depression

8. Helps In Weight Loss:

IF you’re an obese person and want to lose your weight fast then you must include consumption of vanilla based diet in your meal plan. In fact, vanilla extracts gives fuller feeling to the stomach and also removes excess of stored fat from the body.

Helps In Weight Loss

9. Gives Relief From Nausea:

If you’re feeling nausea like complications then essence of vanilla extract will definitely help you by keeping digestive system calm. You just need to drink vanilla juice made by mixing extracts of vanilla in a glass of water. This remedy gives immediate relief from nausea and feeling of vomiting comfortably.

Gives Relief From Nausea

10. Reduces Cough And Cold:

If you’re suffering from cough and cold then vanilla extract can give you a fast relief from it. In fact, many cough syrup nowadays uses vanilla essence in its manufacturing formula because o its antibacterial and mild anesthetic properties. Vanilla essence works well in reducing pain occurring due to sore throat and headache without causing any side effect to the body.

Reduces Cough And Cold

11. Good For Oral Health:

Vanilla extract offers good oral health to its consumer due to the presence of a compound named ‘Vanillin’ in it that boosts the functioning of a nervous system. Vanilla is considered to be a topical anesthetic and amazing pain reliever that helps in removing all dental problems thereby giving strength to the gums and teeth of its consumer.

Good For Oral Health

12. Removes Stomach Problems:

Vanilla intake is also very beneficial in removing stomach realted problems like gastric, bloating, stomach pain and loss of appetite as it improves the function of digestive system. You must drink a cup of warm water having a few vanilla beans in it so as to remove stomach upsets and uncomfortable feelings of vomiting.

13. Helps In Pregnancy:

Intake of vanilla extracts based desserts are very good for health of woman undergoing pregnancy period by controlling her stress level.. However, you smut consult your doctor if you’re taking medication of diabetes because its sweetness is somehow unhealthy for pregnant diabetic patients.

Helps In Pregnancy

14. Heals Wound:

Vanilla extract is too good for fast healing of wounds and cuts with its anti-inflammatory properties that offers relaxation to the inflamed areas on the skin. However, direct application of vanilla extract on cuts and wounds must be avoided. Therefore, you must consult your medical professional first before using this remedy for relieving pain of injuries.

Heals Wound

15. Improves Metabolism:

Vanilla extract also works well in improving the metabolism of its consumer with its antioxidant properties that reduces free radical present in the body. Vanilla extracts removes toxins and free radicals with improved metabolic processes thereby offering you healthy immune system for a long time.