5 Absolute Ways To Use The Chamomile Tea Masks For Beautiful Skin

Chamomile flowers are known for its skin condition rectifying property. For glowing and radiant skin, these flowers hardly have any match. Especially if you are trying really very hard to get rid of the blemishes and pimples, this is the mask for you. What makes the mask amazing is the skin inflammatory and skin soothing property.

It bears the skin moisturizing and skin softening property as well. Try using it once or twice every week and you will definitely feel like using it more for its amazing benefits and results. The best thing about chamomile remedies is that it can be manipulated in many different ways to get clear and radiant skin with no kind of skin condition. Do check out the recieps now and try to follow regulalry.

5 Methods Of Using Chamomile Masks For Good Health Of The Skin:

1. Chamomile And Rose Water Face Mask:

For preparing this remedy, you need chamomile and Rose Water that together helps in making the skin really soothing, beautiful, and moisturizing. If we see the individual properties of each item then we will find that chamomile tea helps in soothing the skin, and moisturizing it while rose water helps in adding a pinkish glow to the skin thus contributing in making the skin more beautiful.
Add about 3 teaspoon of the dried chamomile flowers into one cup of water.

Boil and water and the chamomile flowers along with it. After boiling, place aside for about 10-15 minutes. Now you need to add one teaspoon of rose water to the recipe. Mix the ingredients and apply the solution on your face with the help of a cotton ball. Keep applied for about 20 minutes. After this, you can rinse off your skin with cool water as it helps in closing the opened skin pores. Finally, apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin.

Chamomile And Rose Water Face Mask

2. Chamomile And Honey Face Mask:

Although the major elements of this recipe are chamomile and honey but you have to make it even effective with the help of lemon juice and egg white. The chamomile tea helps in soothing the skin, honey helps in moisturizing, egg white in tightening the skin and increasing the collagen production while lemon juice with the antibacterial property keeps the skin free of the microbes. With all these ingredients mixed together in one recipe, no wonder your skin is going to be perfect and absolutely amazing.For preparing this masks, you need dry chamomile, organic honey, egg white and lemon juice.

Instead of mixing all, you need to add one teaspoon of the dry chamomile into 1/2 cup of hot water and let it sit for 20 minutes. It will help in extracting the essential minerals from the chamomile powder. When done, mix the other two ingredients i.e. organic honey along with the lemon juice in the ratio 1:1. Break one egg afterwards and add its white portion into it. Now it is time to add the concoction of these three ingredients into the chamomile solution. Stir to mix these ingredients properly. Do not take too much else it can go in vain. When mixed together, apply all over your face till neck and let the mask sit for about 20 minutes. You can wipe it off with cold water afterwards. You can apply a moisturizer afterwards. Do stick to the same procedure once every week.

 Chamomile And Honey Face Mask

3. Chamomile And Oats Face Mask:

This one is not only a great skin soothing face mask, but also a great skin exfoliation mask useful for removing the dead skin layer. Together with chamomile and oats, you can add baking soda that is beneficial in lightening the skin hue, honey that makes the mask soothing by adding its moisturizing property and sugar that makes the mask an amazing skin exfoliating mask.

For preparing this remedy, you need to crew one cup of chamomile tea. Into the same cup, add 1 teaspoon of oats, now let the mixture sit aside for some 4-5 minutes. Go ahead with adding 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoon of white sugar to the same mixture. Now once and for all, mix all these ingredients and apply all over your face till neck. Keep applied for about 5-10 minutes. Finally, wash off with lukewarm water. Follow up with a moisturizer afterward.

Chamomile And Oats Face Mask

4. Chamomile And Peppermint Face Mask:

This remedy has two potent ingredients i.e. Chamomile and peppermint that help in keeping skin in good health. The best thing about this recipe is its skin cooling and soothing property. While chamomile tea helps in soothing the skin, peppermint helps in penetrating deep into the skin pores and pampering skin from deep inside. You must use this skin remedy once or twice every week to make it work wonderful on your skin.

You need one teaspoon of chamomile flowers and the same amount of peppermint for preparing this remedy. Chop these two herbs and add with one egg white. Wash off your face and apply thoroughly everywhere leaving the under eye region. After keeping for 15 minutes, you can wash it off with lukewarm water.

Chamomile And Peppermint Face Mask

5. Chamomile And Aloe Vera:

You have clay for this remedy that helps in clearing the face, aloe vera juice for clearing the marks and organic honey that help in moisturizing the skin and finally chamomile that is the backbone of this remedy contributing towards removal of the blemishes and taking away any kind of inflammation. Also, chamomile herb helps in moisturizing the skin, soothing it and deep cleansing its pores. This is known as a major skin rejuvenating pack.

For preparing this face pack, you need to add one teaspoon of the chamomile powder into ½ cup of hot water. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and till then you can do with the other steps. Now, add 2 teaspoon of the clay powder into 1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice and one teaspoon of the organic honey. Add this mixture to the chamomile infusion and mix it thoroughly to form a smooth pack of medium consistency. Apply all over your face till neck. Keep applied for about 20 minutes or till it becomes completely dry. Finally you can wash off your face.

Chamomile And Aloe Vera