5 Alarming Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance That You Should Know!

In context of Medical Science, Hormones are precisely defined as the Chemical messengers that flows with-in your whole body and tends to balance various imperious processes going on with-in your blood vessels like reproduction, metabolism, cell growth and much more. One of the most interesting fact about hormones is that they are vividly accountable for carrying out different functions besides making you hale and hearty.These days, when we are surviving in an enormous stressful environment, hormonal imbalance has become a potent issue.

Many a time, it has been observed that these imbalances are usually faced by women while moving on to different phases of her life including pregnancy, menopause, mensuration and puberty. Even a mild imbalance in the secretion of these hormones in your body, will significantly affect not only the physical well-being of an individual but will also tend to have an adverse impact on the mental well-being as well in a considerable manner.

Under mentioned are 5 of such alarming signs that clearly dictates that your body is suffering form hormonal imbalance. All these can be easily detectible and can be tackled easily, if identified at the early stage of one’s life. Let’s have a look on them, one-by-one:

1. Hair Loss:

This is usually the very first alarming sign of an imbalanced hormonal secretion in your body. A recent study has revealed this fact that it is the hair follicles and the scalp of an individual that gets affected to mark the first instance of the hormonal imbalance in your body. This can affect both the genders equally. In a medical terminology, This situation is usually termed as ‘Alopecia’.  Studies have revealed this fact that a significant imbalance in the hormones secretion hypes the production of testosterone which thus tends to hinder the sound growth and strength of hair follicles in a considerable way, thus resulting in the tremendous hair loss.

Hair Loss

2. Weight Gain Or Loss:

Another most prominent sign of an imbalanced hormone secretion in your body is the spontaneous weight gain or loss. It has been viewed that hormonal imbalances significantly impact the metabolic rate of your body. This is chiefly done by the thyroid glands, which are responsible for the secretion of a hormone that commendably alter your body weight. In a medical terminology, this particular condition is referred to as Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism. These significant alterations in your body can also makes you stressed out, which thus tends to impact your health in the long run. Don’t take this sign lightly and consult your Medical practitioner at the earliest for the appropriate measures.

Weight Gain Or Loss

3. Hot Flashes:

This is another most prominent alarming sign indicating clearly of the disrupted imbalance of hormones in your body. Hot flashes, as the name suggests usually denotes the inexplicable alterations in the temperature of your body, which thus results in the generation of heat from your body. This peculiar situation may be encountered during night time and can be trailed by the spells of extreme sweating.

More appropriately this condition is also termed as Night Sweat and may be encountered in your body even if your room temperature is frosty. Basically your whole body is centrally controlled by a section of brain termed as Hypothalamus. Even a mild imbalance in the secretion of hormones in your body will adversely affect this section and the results are unavoidable Hot Flashes.

Hot Flashes

4. Sleeping Problems:

Nevertheless, this is usually not a very common issue but ignoring it can also play an adverse effect on your health. Most of the time, it has been viewed that imbalance in the secretion of hormone in your body can leads to various sleeping disorders, which if ignored can pose serious threat to your health. The secretion of estrogen hormone aids in the sound regulation of the body temperature which thus assists in claiming and relaxing the muscles of your body thus enabling us to get a proper sleep. Any imbalance in the secretion of this hormone can leads to a critical sleeping disorder known as Insomnia, which thus tends to keep you awake all night and you may feel a considerable trouble to get a sound sleep.

Sleeping Problems

5. Depression:

This is also one of the most vital alarming sign of the disturbed hormone or imbalanced secretion of hormones in your body. Along with the numerous external factors prevailing in the environment, imbalance in the hormone is also responsible for causing Depression. Research has dictated this fact that the cheerfulness quotient in your body entirely relies on the secretion of two hormones namely, Endorphin and Serotonin.

Sound balance of these hormones in your body keeps you elevated and on the contrary, even a mild imbalance in the secretion of these hormones makes you depressed. This can then be accompanied by the feelings of mood swings along with the feeling of trance and the stints of aloofness.


To conclude, we can say that all the above enlisted alarming signs of hormonal imbalance are quite critical. So, don’t neglect or ignore them. Instead take the aid of a medical practitioner  before the situation worsens completely to resolve all the impending complications arising because of these hormonal imbalances.