5 Alarming Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation In Your Body!

It is rightly said that the Blood acts as an elixir for a living body. In a more meaningful way, the recurrent to-and-fro flow of blood across the veins is what gives you life. So, a dynamic circulation of flow of blood plays quite a pivot role in your body and is actually responsible for carrying the vital nutrients from one part of the body to another. So, it’s quite obvious any criticality on the part of flow or circulation of blood can incredibly results in the loss of various vital nutritious components to the other parts of your body.

Besides this, poor circulation of blood in your body can tend to host innumerable health ailments that can become more and more with the due passage of time. Poor circulation of blood is the utmost reason responsible for damaging your liver, brain, heart, lungs and kidneys in a significant manner. Alongside, it can also hamper your physical health and you may feel quite in-competent to do even your daily chores.So, it is highly suggested that one should seriously take into consideration all the below listed alarming signs that your body may signify you of the improper circulation of blood.

Emphasized below are the 5 Alarming signs of Poor Blood Circulation in your body. Let’s take a brief in sight on all of these in detail, one-by-one:

1. Feeling Of Weakness And Fatigue:

This is one of the prominent symptom that will ensures that your body will be experiencing an improper or poor circulation of blood. More precisely, improper circulation of blood makes you fatigued or feeling less energized all day long. In addition to it, poor blood circulation also impacts the movement of muscles and thus minimizing the oxygen circulation in a significant manner.This will then consequently makes you quite feeble and weak and you may fail to perform the very basic activities like lifting your legs or hands.

Feeling Of Weakness And Fatigue

2. Varicose Veins:

Another most alarming sign dictating the poor circulation of blood in your body is this issue, precisely termed as Varicose Veins. This peculiar trouble initiates when your body begins accumulate the pressure of blood in the veins and the circulation of blood is not at all to-and –fro in movement. As a consequence of which, your veins will get swollen-up. Most of the time, this issue is generally visualized along your legs, as this part of your body is responsible for handling the overall body weight and usually the pressure is exerted more in this specific region of your body. This trouble may also be attributed because of the excessive body weight. So, don’t underestimate it and keep a sound monitor on the levels of your blood too whenever you will notify this alarming sign.Varicose Veins

3. Heaviness In The Chest:

Heaviness in the chest is another most vital symptoms that signifies that your blood is circulating in an improper way. Since it is a known fact that our heart is responsible for pumping the blood to all the other parts of the body. If the circulation of blood is in proper way, then it will indirectly apply the pressure on your heart, so that it will inflate more blood.This will consequently leads to the tightness or heaviness in your chest and heart, that clearly signifies that your blood circulation is improper. in such case, take immediate guidance of the Medical Practitioner at the earliest.

Heaviness In The Chest

4. Dis-coloration Of The Skin:

Another most vital alarming sign of improper blood circulation is the discoloration of the skin. What actually happens is that due to the improper flow of blood in your body, the blood flow put a cut down on the supply of oxygen in your body which in turn causes the skin to alter its color and attain either a dark bluish or blacking color. Not only this, but this is going to impact your nails and lips as well in quite a considerable manner. The most critical case is one, when due to the improper circulation of blood, the skin area around the mouth or eyes will also fade away from its natural color

Dis-coloration Of The Skin

5. Numbness In Hands Or Feet:

Numbness in hands or feet is one of those factors that promptly signifies the improper circulation of blood in your body of blood. Technically speaking, the blood flows to all the parts of the body, thus leading to the proper circulation of blood. However, when there is improper flow of blood, thus it tends to hamper the sound functioning of that specific region where the flow of blood has been jammed significantly. This consequently results in the numbness.Usually, this critical situation is visualized in your feet’s or legs, where the effect of numbness is spontaneous.

Numbness In Hands Or Feet

This is all about the 5 alarming signs of poor blood circulation that should be taken into consideration at the earliest prior to the emergence of any medical emergency.