5 Amazing Benefits Of Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper plant is indeed native to the European region and also the fruits of this plant which are prominently known as juniper berries are indeed renowned as they are being widely used in many of the well cooked dishes of the European cuisine and when these berries are actually a part of the inclusions in the foods, the taste would really be on a high node. Also these juniper berries are probably well known for the preparation of various medicines and one stunning fact about these berries is actually that it is widely used in the preparation of an oil called as juniper essential oil.

Also juniper essential oil is actually used to flavor many of the beverages such as jin. However juniper essential oil is widely known for its medicinal benefits and this article indeed features some of the best health benefits of this juniper essential oil that’ll make you to include in the regular diet of a person on the whole. Also this oil is a bit on a high concentration node and therefore it is recommended for all the ones suffering from kidney problems and also women who are pregnant to use this oil in some mild concentrations.

1. Aids In Digestion:

Juniper essential oil is probably one of the best essential oils available in the nature that can handle the problems of digestion quite well and also reduce the extent of certain digestive tract diseases. Certain people might face some high amounts of problems as far as the digestion is concerned and these can create various health problems as well. For this all one has to do is to opt for a better natural remedy to handle the case quite effectively and juniper essential oil is something that can deal the cases quite effectively and also reduce the extent of the problems as well.

This is solely due to the various enzymes present in the juniper essential oil that stimulates the secretion of the compound and hormones that can be highly effective against the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc. Hence it is highly recommended for a person suffering from digestion problems to include juniper essential oil in the diet to experience some better health benefits on the whole.[1]

Aids In Digestion

2. Promotes Skin Health:

It mustn’t be forgotten that juniper essential oil is one such a natural remedy that is probably well known to possess some high amounts of antimicrobial and also antibacterial properties. These properties can be highly effective in handling various skin irritations and also another prominent fact is that it can also be regarded as one of the most effective remedies that can handle acne quite well.[2]

Promotes Skin Health

3. Deals With Muscle Pains:

Juniper essential oil also has certain anti inflammatory properties that can be highly effective in reducing the extent of pain and inflammation at the muscles and therefore it is highly recommended for all the individuals suffering from arthritis pain, muscle aches to include this juniper essential oil in the regular diet for some quick relief from the aches.[3]

Deals With Muscle Pains

4. Insect Repellent:

Juniper essential oil can also be highly effective in lashing out the insects and therefore it can be mixed with any of the carrier oils and spray to get rid of the insects.[4]

Insect Repellent

5. Reduces Bloating:

Many of the reports have suggested that juniper essential oil can be highly effective against blaoting.[5]

 Reduces Bloating