5 Amazing Diet Tips For Reducing Dysentery

Dysentery can be referred to as an infection to the intestine. Dysentery is connected with poor hygiene environment and spreads through contaminated water and food. It leads to diarrhea containing mucus and blood. Vomiting, nausea and stomach cramps are other common symptoms of this problem. Usually, dysentery fades away within few days. If the symptoms persist even after few days, you are required to visit your doctor and seek medical advice. Fluids must be taken at regular intervals to balance the water content of your body to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Here Are The Effective Diet Tips To Manage Mild Symptoms Of Dysentery

1. Banana

Bananas are highly valuable in reducing the severity of dysentery. This fruit acts as a health tonic in supplying large number of nutrients to your body. Ripe banana is rich in pectin content. Pectin, a water-soluble fiber, is capable of reducing diarrhea. Furthermore, potassium in banana helps in supporting the important functions in your body. Eating a ripe banana helps to give you relaxation from dysentery.[1]


2. Yogurt

Yogurt is the one of the best diet remedies for handling dysentery. Yogurt consists of bacteria that fight with the harmful bacteria in your intestine and thus decreases the problem of dysentery. Doing so, the process of recovery is hastened. Eating yogurt is suggested if you are suffering from dysentery.[2]


3. Garlic

Garlic is very valuable in managing dysentery. It is very popular for its therapeutic properties. In other words, it is a storehouse of medicinal properties and helps in managing various health ailments. It provides great relief from dysentery as well. Raw garlic is said to be an effective antibiotic. For getting rid of dysentery, you are suggested to consume at least two or three cloves for thrice a day for a week.[3]


4. Radish

Another way to banish dysentery is to eat radish. Radish is rich in healing properties. Radish is a great detoxifier too. Moreover, radishes help in firming up loose bowels. Thus, it is very valuable in reducing diarrhea associated with dysentery.[4]


5. Aloe Vera

Healing properties of aloe vera help in alleviating the symptoms connected with dysentery. Medicinal usage of aloe vera can be traced back to four thousand years. It is good for intestinal and stomach ailments. Drinking a quarter cup of aloe vera juice helps in easing the issue. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should stay away from this remedy.[5]

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