5 Amazing Diet Tips That Support Blood Purification


Blood purification is very important to improve our overall health. It plays an important role in strengthening our immune system. Detoxification system of our body constantly filters the blood to destroy harmful elements. Although this detoxification system works constantly, there are higher chances for the impurities to get built up in our bloodstream through air and food. Luckily, there are some amazing foods that purify blood.

Here Are 5 Amazing Diet Tips That Support Blood Purification:

1. Honey

We all know that honey is loaded with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. This amazing ingredient works effectively in purifying the blood. For this, take one or two teaspoons of honey and add it to glass of lukewarm water. You should also add a teaspoon of lemon juice to this mixture. [1]This liquid must be consumed on regular basis before going to bathroom.


2. Garlic

Garlic is loaded with potential disinfectant properties. It stimulates the metabolic operation of liver very effectively. Stimulated liver keeps all the other organs of our body in a better condition. [2]Thus, you can gain overall better health. To reap the benefits of garlic, just consume some cloves of garlic on a regular basis.


3. Lemon

Calcium, potassium, vitamin C and pectin in lemon are very helpful in purifying your blood. Vitamin C detoxifies your liver. Thus, it eliminates toxins and purifies your blood. For this, gently heat the glass of lemon juice. Consume this lukewarm lemon juice before 30 minutes of your breakfast. [3]Do this on every morning.


4. Juices Of All Leafy Green

Juices of all leafy greens are packed with chlorophyll which is a green pigment. Chlorophyll is a very important part for the process of blood purification. This green pigment cleanses our unpurified blood. It also builds up our blood with vital nutrients. [4]The juices of barley, alfalfa and wheatgrass are high in chlorophyll content.

Juices of all Leafy Green

5. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is rich in betalains which act as an antioxidant pigment. Beetroot juice works as a superb blood purifier. This amazing juice also helps in development of blood cells. Beetroot juice eliminates the impurities from our blood. Just take a small glass of beetroot juice on regular basis. [5]Note that you should consume this juice only once in a day.

Beetroot Juice