5 Amazing Exercises For Women To Lose Weight

5 Amazing Exercises For Women To Lose Weight

When the weight is under control and the belly in perfect shape, women feel beautiful and are more comfortable with their skin and body both. If you are a woman and dealing with the weight issue then you need to get up and work upon your body for about 1 hour every day. What are these exercise and how you can do these is given right here, right below. Just go through all and try to do the one that you can do the best.

5 Amazing Exercises For Women To Lose Weight:

1. Cardio Intervals:

According to a recent report, the metabolism can be elevated post exercise for 24 hours by adding intervals to the exercise that you do. What you have to do is put the short-term period of deep exercise in your regular activity like walking, swimming, running, bicycling, etc. This way the metabolism can be reset to higher rate during your workout and after this, it takes hours for the metabolism go slow down again. It also equals the calories burn after you have taken shower and event toweled.

If you do walking exercise for 30 minutes daily then try to do jogging for about 1 minutes in every 5 minutes. Increase this interval as your stamina grows and you become fitter. Also, decreasing the walking and increasing the jogging will keep your weight under control.

Cardio Intervals

2. Squat Thrust (Thighs And Butts):

For doing this exercise, you have to stand up and then open your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Bend your hips slowly followed by the knees. Squat down and then lower your body till you have placed the hands on the floor. Immediately, kick your legs in the backward position and come back to the same position once again. Stand from this squat quickly. As this is the starting, you can go slowly to do it perfectly. If you want your belly to be more perfect then you have to make it even challenging. Instead of doing it slowly, you have to do it fast that too as many times as you can.

Instead of standing up quickly, jump from the squat. Do remember that the more challenging you make this exercise, the closer you are to make your belly perfect and keep your weight under control.

Squat Thrust (Thighs And Butts)

3. Crunches (abdomen):

This is another very effective and strong exercise for putting off some weight. Everyone can do crunches be it a male or female. It can be done if you want to drop some weight and also if you want to work upon your abs. To do crunches, lie down with your face side facing the sky. The hands should be behind the head and the legs bend. The feet should be on the ground only but the calves must be touching the thighs. Now comes the main part, try to lift yourself up till you come in sitting position on your butts.

As it would be difficult to manage your legs from not opening, try to take help from someone. Someone, who can hold your knees and let it from opening. While doing so, you will definitely feel pressure on your abs and the waist area. This is the hint that your abs are soon going to be perfect with weight under control. Do as many as you can the first day so that you can do one extra every single day.

Crunches (abdomen)

3. Side Plank:

This is one very effective exercise that help not only reduce the waistline but also tighten it. In this exercise, the muscles involved are abdominal muscles that not many abs exercises reach. To do this exercise, you have to lie on your side. Now lift the body up on the support of your elbows. The whole body posture should be straight and upper than the ground.

The hips should be raised and the body should form a straight line from the ankles till the shoulder. Do stay into this position for about 30 seconds, increase as you start gaining stamina. Once done with the right side, perform the same on the other side.

Side Plank

4. Push Ups:

Almost everybody knows this exercise but not all are aware of what it is capable of doing. This is the exercise that wakes up all the muscles of our body and also burns a significant amount of calories. The body tightens up and waistline also become sexier.

Lie on your all fours. Keep your hands on the floor and try to raise your body all its support. Keep your arms parallel to your shoulder and the feet close to each other. Remember that while getting up, the arms should be all straight and so should the body be. Now, bending your arms, go towards the ground. Go so near that the chest is very close to it. Now come back to the same starting posture and repeat. If it is your first day, then try to do till your stamina calls up. Try to do one more from the maximum every day.

Push Ups