5 Amazing Healing Herbs To Overcome Social Anxiety

A person affected by social anxiety or social phobia is always into an assumption that they are being criticized by everyone around them. These kinds of thoughts make their social life uncomfortable and miserable. As a result, they try to escape from social gatherings. They are incapable of giving the best performance in their office work. Likewise, these kinds of people try to be alone. If proper diagnosis is not given on right time, they may be affected by various psychological illnesses. If the condition is mild, some sort of home treatments can be given to handle the situation. Instead of using mind-numbing medications, it is best to improve your health with natural remedies. Fortunately, we are blessed with wonderful healing herbs for all kinds of disorders. Social phobia can also be well-managed with the help of these natural herbs.

Here Are 5 Effective Healing Herbs For Overcoming Social Anxiety Or Social Phobia

1. Chamomile

Panic disorders and extreme anxiety may interrupt with an individual’s daily functioning. Anxiety and stress levels can be reduced to a greater extent with the help of chamomile. This soothing and calming herb is said to be the natural anxiety reliever which helps in promoting good quality of sleep. By ingesting this herb on regular basis, symptoms of social phobia can be eased. Also, general anxiety can be controlled. However, dosage is to be prescribed by your practitioners to ensure that this herb is not interacting with other medications. [1]


2. Valerian Root:

Anti-anxiety qualities are bulk in valerian root. Hence, this natural ingredient is said to be successful in reducing the levels of anxiety in the people affected by social phobia. Also, this herb is said to give relief from various anxiety disorders. This herb assures you with a good night’s sleep, lack of which triggers your anxiety. However, this herb has to be taken under the supervision of your doctor as this might interact with other medications. [2]


3. Passion Flower:

Passion flower is an amazing natural remedy for handling social phobia. Usage of this herb assures you with safest way of overcoming your own false fears and misconceptions. Take this herb in the form of tea for reaping the anti-anxiety benefits. Regular consumption of passion flower tea helps in giving you the best results within short span of time. This remedy helps in calming your fears and reducing your anxiety levels, especially in social situations. [3]

Passion Flower

4. Lemon Balm

Little bit of anxiety is helpful to produce fruitful results in various situations. But, if the level exceeds, it is not helpful. If your anxiety levels are rising in social situations, you must consume lemon balm. This herb is said to regulate the levels of anxiety. Amazing soothing properties of this herb calm and soothe your mind. [4]

Lemon balm

5. Kava

Symptoms of social phobia are alleviated with the help of kava. If the symptoms are mild, this herb guarantees you a great relief. It should be noted that this herb should not be consumed like vitamin supplements on daily basis. You should not consume this herb for more than twice in a week. Prolonged consumption may result in liver problems. [5]


You might notice few side effects with the usage of few herbal remedies. You need to consult your practitioner before consuming any of these herbs as the dosage depends on one’s health condition. In addition, you can use various techniques to regulate anxiety levels in social situations. Practising mindfulness meditation for thirty minutes in a day on every morning helps in reducing anxiety levels.