5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Lightening Your Skin

Attaining a clear and white complexion is the dream of many women. Various methods attract them in order to achieve this process. Some are of course surgical methods. Various chemical products claim to offer you in lightening your skin. Fortunately, we can lighten the complexion of our skin with the help of naturally available ingredients. In fact, chemical products damage the cells of your skin and further put you in various skin complications. You can easily handle this issue with the help of various herbs. Indeed, herbs are loaded with skin lightening properties for assuring you with clear complexion.

Here are 5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Lightening Your Skin:

1. Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is one of the wonder herbs that assure you in lightening your skin in a natural and harm free way. This herb is capable of fighting with hyperpigmentation and helps in improving your complexion. [1]You need to apply extract of black cohosh on the affected area for getting the best results.

Black Cohosh

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is known to be beneficial in improving the complexion of your skin. This amazing herb is loaded with natural bleaching properties. All you have to do is to add four to five essential oil drops into boiled water. Alternatively, you can add chamomile flowers. For this you need to take one liter water and add chamomile flowers into it. Boil these flowers. Removing the flame and proceed for steaming. [2]Cover your face with towel while steaming for face. This process of chamomile facial steam helps in lightening your complexion.


3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is rich in skin lightening properties. And for this reason, this herb is most commonly found ingredient in most of the commercially available skin lightening products. Applying aloe vera gel on your skin helps in lightening your skin. Aloe vera gel when combined along with milk becomes a fantastic solution for lightening your skin’s complexion. For this you need to mix one tablespoon aloe gel to teaspoon milk. [3]You can also mix honey to this solution. Distribute the solution on the face and leave it for at least fifteen minutes.

aloe vera

4. Bearberry

Bearberry is rich in arbutin. This compound plays an important role in suppressing the production of melanin. Applying the extract of bearberry leaf helps in lightening the skin. [4]This herb is considered to be safe for usage when compared to chemical products.


5. Licorice

You can get protection from skin with the help of licorice root. This root is loaded with abundant skin-friendly properties. Natural skin lightening properties are more in licorice root. [5]Hence, with its usage you are assured from sun-tan free skin. For getting skin lightening benefits from this root, you need to apply the extract of this root on your skin. Let the gel sit on your skin overnight. Wash off the next morning.