5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Managing Stiff Muscles

Herbal Remedies For Managing Stiff Muscles

Sore or stiff muscles are one of the most common medical conditions. This medical condition occurs after undergoing strenuous and unaccustomed physical activity or exercise. Muscle fatigue can also lead to the problem of stiff muscles. Neck and back are the most affected body areas. But, this condition can almost most any part of the body. This is one of the most uncomfortable situations and it affects the sleep, work and ability to function the normal day to day activities. People with this condition should adequate rest for getting rid of it. There are also amazing natural remedies for managing stiff muscles. We are going to share such amazing such remedies for dealing with stiff muscles.

Below Are The 5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Managing Stiff Muscles:

1. Arnica:

Arnica is a wonderful herb with amazing anti-inflammatory compounds. It is very effective in relieving you from the sore muscles. It also plays a significant part in most of the ointments and creams. When this amazing herb is applied to the affected skin, it improves the blood circulation and thus, it speeds up the healing process.[1] Take arnica oil and add it to coconut oil. This must be done in the 1:2 ratios. Use this mixture for massaging the affected area. Follow this process only once in a day for several days or until the signs of the stiff muscles are gone.


2. Chamomile:

This superb herb is loaded with amazing healing properties. Antispasmodic effects of chamomile are very effective in relaxing your muscles.[2] Thus, this herb greatly relieves you from the problem of sore muscles. The symptoms of the sore muscles can be controlled by blending chamomile oil with the coconut oil. This must be done in the ratio of the 1:2. This mixture must be used for massaging the affected body area.


3. Lavender:

One of the amazing oil that has been in use since ancient times for relaxing the muscles is lavender oil. This incredible oil is packed with wonderful anti-spasmodic effects.[3] It is highly known to be beneficial in keeping the health conditions such as sore muscles, joint pain and arthritis etc. As soon as you make use of this oil, it promotes good sleep as well. The symptoms of the sore muscles can be controlled by massaging them with a mixture of lavender oil and coconut oil. Keep massaging the sore muscles for some time on a regular basis or until you notice the desired results.


4. Valerian:

Valerian acts as a fantastic pain reliever. Volatile oils are the powerful substances in the valerian work amazingly well in relaxing your muscles and making you sleep.[4] The stiffness and pain associated with the sore muscles will be well controlled by consuming valerian tea for three to four times in a week. Valerian tea can be made by adding one spoonful of dried valerian root to the hot water and steeping the mixture around ten minutes.


5. Peppermint:

Oil in the peppermint plant is very helpful in relaxing the muscles. This amazing oil can do wonder in giving you respite from the sore muscles with no side effects.[5] This oil can be applied topically. Besides reducing the inflammation and stiffness, this amazing oil decreases the pain as well that is associated with this medical condition. Consume two or three cups of peppermint tea on a daily basis or until you satisfied with the desired results. You have to steep one spoonful of fresh or dried leaves of the peppermint in the hot water for ten minutes for preparing the tea. Strain the tea before consuming. Also, massage the affected muscles with the mixture of sandalwood oil and peppermint oil. Combine the oils in the ratio of 1:1.