5 Amazing Herbal Remedies To Manage Pericarditis



The heart is surrounded by the membrane called pericardium. The irritation and swelling of this membrane is called pericarditis. Viral infection is one of the most important factors that lead to pericarditis. The other factors include chest injury, heart attack, HIV, tuberculosis, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, lupus and recent surgery to the heart are few other reasons which can cause pericarditis. The cancer treatments also can result in pericarditis. One of the most important symptoms of this condition is the sharp pain in the left side or center of the chest. The pain can even spread to shoulder blade. The pain worsens when the patient takes a deep breath or lies down. Other symptoms of this condition include weakness, mild fever, coughing, muscle aches, hiccups, and feeling too tired etc. Fortunately, this condition can be well handled with the help of the amazing herbal remedies. In this article, we are going to share

Some Of Theamazing Herbal Remedies Which Work Wonder In Managing The Pericarditis.

1. Arjuna Bark:

Arjuna, which is most often used as the powerful cardiac tonic works wonder in managing the pericarditis. For this, you have to consume the decoction of the arjuna bark. For the preparation of this decoction, you are required to take three grams of the thick arjuna bark and add it to twenty-four grams of the cane sugar. The resultant mixture must be boiled in the two hundred milliliters of the cow’s milk. This decoction is highly recommended to those people with pericarditis, angina, and endocarditis. Arjuna bark comes to your rescue to relieve you from hemorrhages, dysentery, and sprue as well. Ayurvedic physicians recommend this powerful herb to manage all sorts of conditions of dropsy and cardiac failure. The powered bark of arjuna also relieves you from hypertension. This herb is considered as a cardiac stimulant.[1]

Arjuna Bark

2. Bugleweed:

Bugleweed is often recommended to those people with palpitations and thyrotoxic agitation. This herb is considered a nervine, peripheral vasodilator and a diuretic, and hence it is recommended to the pericarditis and endocarditis patients. This herb works wonder in controlling the inflammation. Hence, it has become one of the good remedies for cardiac palpitations. People with heart disease generally experience anxiety and suffering which can easily kept at bay with the help of bugleweed.[2]


3. Garlic:

It is a known fact the garlic is loaded with antibiotic properties. Hence, it effectively combats the numerous kinds of bacterial infections. Similarly, it works wonder in managing the pericarditis as well. All you have to do is to consume the garlic tables for two times on a regular basis to keep the pericarditis at bay. You are also suggested not to take the larger amounts of it with other aspirin, warfarin, and other anti-platelet drugs so as to avoid the risks of bruising and bleeding.[3]


4. Hawthorn:

Hawthorn is very effective in dealing with pericarditis. In fact, it is used to heal the various types of heart diseases. It is very effective in reducing the heart-damaging culprits of mucus and inflammation. In short, this herb holds the position which is similar to the Arjuna bark.[4]


5. Echinacea:

This powerful herb is used to combat various kinds of infections. In fact, echinacea is loaded with amazing therapeutic properties and therefore it comes to your rescue to manage the pericarditis. However, some people reported that the usage of the Echinacea causes few side effects. Hence, you are suggested to take the doctor’s advice before taking using this herbal remedy.[5]