5 Amazing Herbs For Managing Bird Flu

Bird flu is also known as avian influenza. It is one of the viral infections. Previously chickens or birds used to get affected by bird flu. But at present even humans are also getting affected by this issue. If humans had a close contact with bird dropping or birds, then they can easily get affected by this infection. Cleaning or plucking the infected birds also can lead to the bird flu. Swimming in the water which is contaminated with the bird droppings too can result in the bird flu. The symptoms of the bird flu get varied from person to person. But the common symptoms of this infection are diarrhea, fever, cough, respiratory difficulties, muscle aches, headaches, and runny nose. If medical treatment is not taken at the right time, it leads to severe complications like pneumonia, respiratory failure, cardiovascular problems and kidney failure etc. Hence, be alert in this regard. Also, note that some amazing herbs work wonder in reducing the symptoms of bird flu. However, you are advised to consult the doctor before making use of these herbs.

In This Article, We Are Going To Share Some Amazing Herbs For Managing The Bird Flu

1. Olive Leaf Extract:

The extract of the olive oil consists of a substance known as Oleuropein. This substance is highly known to be beneficial in killing every type of virus such as bird flu. Olive oil extract is believed to enter the infected cells and thus stops viruses from replicating. It keeps virus shedding at bay. It stimulates your immune system and makes your body strong to fight against viruses.[1]

Olive Leaf Extract

2. Astragalus:

Another fantastic herb that comes to your rescue to reduce the symptoms of bird flu is astragalus. This herb is prescribed mainly for the prevention of the long-term disease. It facilitates the activity of the white blood cells. Thus, it plays an active role in the production of the antibodies as well. In this way, this amazing herb boosts your immune system. Therefore, astragalus is considered as a powerful herb which reduces the symptoms of bird flu.[2]


3. Turmeric

Turmeric is one the amazing herbs which is always readily available in the kitchen. This amazing ingredient works great in eliminating the symptoms of bird flu. Turmeric is rich in Curcumin. And this compound is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and various medicinal properties. Try to include this amazing herb in your daily diet for noticing the best results.[3]


4. Echinacea:

Echinacea is considered as one of the most valued medicinal herbs and works effectively in dealing with bird flu. Powerful medicinal properties such as polysaccharides are present in this herb. It boosts your immune system very effectively. Thus, it enables your body to fight against flu and colds. The bird flu patient is advised to take the droppers of this powerful herb early and often. You need to take this herb for 1 or 2 days.[4]


5. Garlic:

Healing properties are rich in garlic. It is highly known to be beneficial in protecting your body from bird flu. It consists of antibacterial and antiviral compounds which boost your immune system. All you have to do is to take some fresh raw garlic and finely crush it. Consume this immediately. The initial dosage of consumption of garlic is two to three cloves in a day. This is one of the effective methods which you need to follow for reducing the symptoms of bird flu.[5]