5 Amazing Herbs For Managing With Anemia


Deficiency of hemoglobin or red blood cells in the body is known as anemia. A person with chronic disease is highly prone to the risk of anemia. When a person is anemic, the blood cannot carry the supply of oxygen to tissues and organs. The symptoms of this condition include heart palpitations, hair loss, breathing problem, insomnia, fatigue and pale appearance etc. Iron deficiency anemia can be well handled by some amazing herbal remedies. This article discloses the amazing herbs for dealing with anemia.

Here Are Amazing Herbs For Managing With Anemia

1. Nettle:

Iron is rich in nettle and therefore most of the herbalists recommend this herb for handling with anemia. Nettle is also rich in analgesic properties which fight not only with anemia but also with seasonal infections. Vitamin k which is present in nettle helps for managing with blood clot. Therefore, it is better to use this herb for getting rid of mild anemia which occurs due to heavy periods. [1]


2. Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is other herb which keeps the signs of anemia at bay. This superb herb is rich in iron content. Fenugreek seeds prevents anemia by increasing the count of red blood cells. For this, include fenugreek leaves in your regular diet. Consumption of fenugreek seeds is also very helpful in this regard. [2]

Fenugreek Juice

3. Alfalfa:

This is one of the fantastic herbs which improve the hemoglobin levels in your body. Thus, it plays an effective role in lessening the anemia’s symptoms. This amazing herb acts as a marvelous blood purifier. You can drink a tea made up of alfalfa. It brings your hemoglobin levels down to normal. [3]

4. Yellow Dock Root:

This amazing herb is highly capable in eliminating the symptoms of anemia. This outstanding herb works effectively in increasing the uptake of iron in the small intestine. Yellow dock root tea must be taken on a regular basis for getting rid of anaemia. You can also prefer three or four droppers of the tincture daily. Within weeks of time, the positive effects can be observed. [4]

5. Dandelion:

The leaves of the dandelion are rich in vitamin C and iron. This herb regulates the iron levels in the body. Burdock roots when combined with dandelion work wonder in eradicating anemia. This superb combination supports your body to absorb iron from the food. [5]