5 Amazing Home Remedies For Dark Elbows

5 Amazing Home Remedies For Dark Elbows

Dark elbows are a common beauty problem. Inadequate sebum secretion makes the elbow dry and rough. Dead skin accumulating on the elbow makes the area darker and dryer. Constant friction with clothes and on hard surface tend to worsen the problem. In case of people with darker skin tone, excess melanin production in the elbows make them appear darker than the rest of the skin. Therefore, multiple factors are responsible for darkening your elbows. However, there are a number of effective home remedies that can help in getting rid of the darkened areas on the elbows.

Here Are The 5 Amazing Home Remedies For Dark Elbows:

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works as natural bleach. When applied to the dark elbows, it helps in softening and lightening the dry and dark skin. You may rub a lemon slice on each elbow for about ten minutes.[1] For better result, blend the juice with baking soda and rub the elbow with the paste. It helps in sloughing off the dead skin, thereby lightening the dark elbow.

Lemon juice

2. Oil And Lemon Rind

The essential oil present in lemon rind helps in lightening the skin.[2] To smoothen the dry and rough elbow and lighten the discolored skin, put a drop of olive, coconut, peanut or any other vegetable oil on a piece of lemon rind and rub it on the dark elbow. It helps in making the elbow soft and lightens the skin.

Oil And Lemon Rind

3. Milk Cream And Turmeric

To fade the pigmentation on the elbow, apply a mixture of milk cream and turmeric to the darkened elbow. Milk cream helps in moisturizing the area, which helps in making the dry and rough elbow soft and smooth. Turmeric is known for its skin lightening property.[3] Cover the elbows with the milk cream and turmeric mixture. Wait at least for an hour and then wash off the paste. With regular use, it helps in lightening the elbows.

Milk Cream And Turmeric

4. Lemon And Oatmeal

A scrub made by mixing oatmeal and lemon juice can help in evening out the skin tone and softening the dry elbows. Citric acid in lemon helps in lightening the skin and oatmeal helps in exfoliation. Rub the dark elbows with the lemon and oatmeal paste for a few minutes.[4] Leave the paste on the elbows for about 15 minutes and then rinse. Use the oatmeal and lemon juice mixture frequently for better result.

Lemon And Oatmeal

5. Cucumber

Cucumber can also help in lightening the dark skin. Mix cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply it on the elbows. Leave it on for several minutes.[5] Dip a coarse towel in lukewarm water and rub it on the elbows. This will help in making the elbows soft.