5 Amazing Home Remedies For Managing Lip Pimples

Pimples create a lot of uncomfortable situation. The presence of pimples is very annoying and irritating. And when it comes to the issue of lip pimples, the person feels so embarrassed that he or she cannot drink or eat in a peaceful mood. They cannot talk to anyone properly also. The reasons such as usage of the chemical based lip products, usage of the expired lip products, hormonal changes, skin irritation due to the waxing or threading, consumption of fatty or fried food, lack of personal hygiene, fluoride in toothpaste, stress, and smoking lead to the issue of lip pimples. There is no need to rely on the beauty products which are available in the market for getting rid of lip pimples. We are going to mention the wonderful ways of managing lip pimples which you can follow at home.

1. Olive Oil:

Vitamin E in olive oil acts as a powerful skin regenerator and protector. It is very effective in moisturizing your skin as well. Apply a little amount of warm olive oil on the lip pimples. The warmness of a lip pimple works great in reducing the appearance of lip pimples. Therefore, prefer applying olive oil on your lip pimples for two times a day.

Olive Oil

2. Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel is another ingredient that works great in reducing the lip pimples. It is very effective in making the skin on your lips soft and smooth as well. Take some freshly extracted aloe vera gel and apply on the lip pimple. Gently massage for few minutes. After that, wash it off. Alternatively, you can add little amount of turmeric to aloe vera gel and then apply on your lips. Both these processes are very effective in keeping your lips supple and soft.

Aloe Vera Gel

3. Turmeric:

Turmeric, which is undoubtedly a wonderful spice, works great in reducing the pimples from your skin. It has the ability to reduce pimples from your lips as well. Add a half teaspoon of honey to pinch of turmeric. Combine both these ingredients together and apply the thick paste on the pimples of your lips. Let the thick paste rest on your lips for ten to twelve minutes. After that, rinse off the pack with the water.


4. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is very effective in offering you respite from the lip pimples. Add few drops of lemon juice to honey and apply the resultant thick paste on the lips. Wait for few minutes and in the mean time massage the lips with your fingertips. After that, wash it off with the cold or tepid water. Alternatively, you can add baking soda also to lemon juice. You can apply this mixture on your lip pimples. Wait for five to ten minutes and then rinse off the pack from your lips.

 Lemon Juice

5. Papaya:

Papaya, when consumed nourishes your body. It rejuvenates and nourishes your skin when applied topically. This amazing fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties that work great in alleviating the pimples from your skin. Add equal amounts of papaya pulp, milk cream, and yogurt. Blend all these things together and spread evenly on your lips. Wait for some time. Then, use cold water for washing the lips.


5. Sandalwood Powder:

Sandalwood powder is a powerful and soothing ingredient that helps in decreasing the appearance of lip pimples. Add small amount of sandalwood powder to the same amount of turmeric and milk. Unite these ingredients thoroughly and slather on your lip pimples. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, initially, use a cotton cloth and gently wipe out the mixture from your lips. Later, wash the lips with the cold water.

Sandalwood Powder