5 Amazing Wall Sit Exercises To Stay Fit

5 Amazing Wall Sit Exercises To Stay Fit

Do you wish to have strong, sculpted thighs like athletes? Do your regular workouts fail to help you develop toned thighs, buttock, and waist? If that’s the case, then you need to add wall sit exercises to your workout regimen. Wall sit exercises are highly effective as they work on two crucial groups of your thigh’s muscles, and the repetitions of these exercises help you have toned thighs, waist, and buttock. It wards off the fats in these areas of your body. So, let’s have a look at some outstanding wall sit exercises that help you have toned body and sculpted thighs.

Find Below Five Amazing Wall Sit Exercises To Include In Your Workout Regimen:

1. Basic Wall Sit:

One of the simplest wall sit exercise is basic wall sit. Just stand by touching your back to a flat wall. Now, move your both the legs about two feet in the front of the wall and spread them such at there develops a six inches gap between your feet. Now, slowly slide down till your both the knees make right angle between your thighs and the lower leg and your thighs become parallel to the ground. This position is similar to your position when you sit on a chair. Stay in this basic wall sit position for about one minute. It strengthens your hamstrings and quadriceps of your thigh and keeps knee damages at bay.

Basic Wall Sit

2. Wall Sit With Weights:

Hold a dumbbell of a two kg in your each hand and stand straight upright against the wall with your both the hands at your sides. Now, slide down in the sitting chair position by bending in your knees but make sure you maintain your arms carrying the dumbbells straight as your slide down. Straighten your hands against the wall behind. This helps strengthen the muscles of your arms and upper body.

Wall Sit With Weights

3. Wall Sit Leg Lifts:

First stand against the wall and slide down into the sitting chair pose. Stretch your right leg in frond such that it is parallel to the ground and hold it straight for 30 seconds. Now, lower your stretched leg slowly and relax in the sitting chair position against the wall. Now, stretch your left leg making it parallel to the ground and hold it in the stretched position for half a minute. Then, put it down slowly. Follow this marching wall sit on each leg alternately. It works on your core and thigh muscles effectively.

 Wall Sit Leg Lifts

4. Medicine Ball Clasp Wall Sit:

Stand upright with your back touching the wall, hold a medicine ball with your both the hands and place it between your knees. Now, slide into the sitting position and squeeze the ball with your knees as you slide down and get into the sitting chair position. This wall sit exercise works on the muscles of your inner thighs.

Medicine Ball Clasp Wall Sit

5. Wall Sit With A Band:

You need to wear the resistance band just above your knees such that it is around your leg, as you stand straight with your back against the wall. Now, slide down in a sitting chair position by exercising pressure against the resistance band around your leg. Press out against the band to maintain a distance of six inches between your knees. Stay in this positions for about a few seconds and then slide up the wall still exercising the pressure against the resistance band with your knees six inches apart. This wall sit works on your outer thigh muscles i.e. abductor and gluteus.

 Wall Sit With A Band

Now that you know these five outstanding wall sit exercises, make sure you follow them regularly to stay fit.