5 Beneficial Home Therapies For Chafing

5 Beneficial Home Therapies For Chafing

The redness, irritations, itchiness and pain occurring when your skin was repeatedly rubbed against clothing or other skin is known as chafing. The main reason behind this issue is friction. This can be quite annoying as this condition can cause uneasiness and pain. It gets worse with extra body weight, heat, humidity, constant sweating, lack of moisture in our skin, dryness and cold weather. Some symptoms of chafing are red marks, rashes, sores, burning sensations, pain and stinging effect. Treatment must be taken as soon as possible as this ailment can aggravate easily. It is not a serious issue but if left untreated, chafing can lead to broken skin which can result in serious skin infections. Chafing can occur almost in any part of your body particularly in areas like the thighs, underarms and neck. It is more prone in obese people and those who have a passion towards exercise. People with sensitive skin often suffer from chafing as well. You can consult a skin specialist. If you want natural solutions, try some home remedies which are safe from side effects and chemical free.

Here Is A List Of Simple And Effective Homemade Therapies For Chafing:

1. Olive Oil:

This is a miraculous oil that works wonder on our skin and also contains numerous beneficial qualities for our health [1]. Obtain the extra virgin olive oil for extra benefits. Use a cotton ball to gently dab this oil on the affected area. Leave it for half an hour before washing off with water. Do this once or twice a day for best results.

Olive Oil

2. Calendula Essential Oil:

Pharmacological studies have shown that calendula oil contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties [2]. Obtain this essential oil from pharmacies or drug stores. Use a cotton swab to smear this oil on the chafed area of your skin. Be careful as it might not suit certain skin types. Watch out for allergic reactions and pregnant ladies should not use this as it can increase your blood pressure.

Calendula Essential Oil

3. Wild Daisy:

Obtain some wild daisy flowers as it can heal the effects caused by chafing [3]. Remove the yellow centers of the flower heads and crush or grind them by using a mortar and pestle. Instead you can also rub them between two stones. Mix them with some melted lard. Cook the mixture for a minute or two. Once it has cooled, apply this fusion on the affected area. This remedy can prevent infection and at the same time can reduce the redness and burning sensation as well.

Wild Daisy

4. Cornstarch:

Chafing sometimes occur due to too much of friction between the skin in areas like thighs and armpits [4]. Cornstarch is very useful in situations like this. It acts as a barrier between the skins. After taking bath or shower, make sure you dry your skin thoroughly since it helps to heal chafing at a faster pace. Then apply the cornstarch in the painful parts of your body. Follow this as often as you can to get optimal outcomes.


5. Aloe Vera Gel:

The white gel obtained from aloe vera plant contains thousands of benefits for our skin [5]. It has been used in many home remedies since the ancient times. You can use the gel obtained from plants or buy pure aloe vera gel from drug stores. Simply apply a layer of this gel on the affected skin regions 2-3 times per day. Do this on a daily basis.

Aloe Vera Gel