5 Best Exercises That Help You Have Sculpted Arms

5 Best Exercises That Help You Have Sculpted Arms

Exercises on daily or regular basis is one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess of fats and have slim, sculpted body. Most of you might have fats deposited on your abdomen, thighs, hips, and legs, however there are individuals who have large and heavy upper body, particularly arms. Having big arms and fat deposition spoils your overall body shape and appearance and makes you look obese. So, you need to have slim, sculpted arms to enhance not only your upper body look but also to get rid of excess of fats. Performing certain effective arm exercises help you flaunt thin, sculpted arms that help you boost your confidence. Read on to discover all about it.

Find Below Five Effectual Exercises That Can Help You Sport Sculpted Arms Confidently:

1. Arm circles:

Classic exercise that you can add to your workout regimes to tone your fatty arms is arm circles. It is a low-impact workout. Hold two water-filled bottles each having 600 ml in your each hand to do arm circles. Stand upright maintaining some distance between your feet, stretch your arms having a water-filled bottle in each hand to your sides at your shoulder height. Now, you need to make small 50 circles with your hands by rotating them first in forward direction 50 times and then in backward direction 50 times. These backward and forward arm movements sculpt your muscles of the arms. And, you will have toned biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders soon.

Arm circles

2. Jump with weights:

One of the effective exercises that help you have toned arms is by using dumbbells. Stand straight upright by maintaining some distance between your two feet. Hold one or two kg dumbbells in your both the hands. Jump by raising one arm above your head and let the other arm be near the hips. Then, bring the raised hand down in straight horizontal direction and act as if you are punching in the forward direction. Perform this exercise for 15 times. Repeat the same by raising and jumping and punching with the other hand too. Soon, you will have slim arms.

Jump with weights

3. Dumbbell V-Raise:

Have well-toned upper body and your arms by performing dumbbell V-raise exercise daily. Stand straight upright by maintaining small distance between your legs. Hold one kg dumbbells in both the hands and keep your arms at the side of your body. Now, lift the dumbbells straight in the forward direction. Slowly, hold for 15 seconds and bring your arms back to the initial position. Perform this exercise 15 times every day.

Dumbbell V-Raise

4. Chair Dips For Triceps:

Performing chair dips is highly beneficial for the muscles of your arm. You need to have chair for this exercise. Use your hands to hold the chair by keeping them close by your buttocks. Slowly, lower your body down from the chair making a dipping movement and maintain your legs stretched in the forward direction and straight. Let your hips touch the ground. Get back to the initial position and perform this exercise many times daily.

 Chair Dips For Triceps

5. Scissors:

Performing scissors exercise is a fun to workout in order to get rid of arm fat quickly. In fact, scissors is also one of the best cardio workouts to get in shape. Like its name, this exercise functioning movements of a pair of scissors. You simply need to stand straight and raise your arms to your shoulder’s height, then stretch your arms to your sides, and then get them back in the front in such a manner that the right hand overlaps the left hand. Then, stretch your arms to the sides again and get them back in the front with left arm overlapping the right. This is one full rep, and you need to perform ten reps daily in three sets.


Now that you know these five effective exercises for toning your arms, make sure you perform them daily to have slim and scupted arms to flaunt