5 Best Home Remedies for a Burnt Tongue


Burnt your tongue while sipping hot tea or coffee? This is a common nuisance we often experience when we suddenly dig into hot foods or drink steaming hot beverage without waiting it to cool down. Apart from the pain and irritation, temporary loss of sense of taste occurs when you scald your tongue, which may last for several days. Luckily there are a number of natural remedies that help in providing fast relief from the pain and discomfort that occurs when you accidentally burn your tongue. The home remedies help in speeding up the healing process, thereby providing fast relief from the symptoms of burnt tongue.

Here Are The 5 Best Ways Of Soothing A Burnt Tongue Naturally:

1. Ice Cube

Sucking ice cube helps in cooling and soothing the scalded area of the tongue, which helps in providing rapid relief from the discomfort. To reduce the pain and irritation, you can even sip small amount of cold water or rinse your mouth with cold water.[1]


2. Honey

If the symptoms of the burnt tongue persist for a longer time, apply honey to the burnt area of the tongue. The antiseptic property of honey helps in healing the damaged tissues and minimizes risk of secondary infection. Moreover, the soothing property of honey helps in reducing the soreness of the burnt tongue.[2]


3. Sugar

As soon as you burn your tongue, put a teaspoon of sugar on the tongue and press the tongue against the roof of your mouth until the sugar melts. This home remedy provides rapid relief from the pain and irritation. It also helps in minimizing the soreness of the tongue that tends to persist for a few days when you burn your tongue.[3]


4. Apple Sauce

Coating the burnt area of the tongue with apple sauce helps in reducing the pain of the burn. Pectin present in apple sauce helps in soothing the burn and speeding the healing process.[4]


5. Yogurt

To soothe the burn, put some yogurt on the burnt area on the tongue. It helps in reducing the pain and promotes healing. The burning sensation in the tongue caused by eating hot spicy foods can also be reduced with the help of yogurt. The protein in yogurt is known to help in soothing the irritation.[5]