5 Best Home Remedies For Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder associated with a psychological problem. It is common in young women obsessed with their body weight. Illogical fear of weight gain makes them avoid food, which over time causes extremely low body weight, nutritional deficiencies, depression, hormonal imbalance, hair loss and emotional disorders. Individuals suffering from anorexia may either severely restrict their food intake and starve or they may vomit after eating, use laxatives or do vigorous workouts to get rid of what they have eaten. Home remedies are often found to be effective in overcoming anorexia. They work by stimulating appetite, which help anorexic individuals to gradually restore their normal eating habits.

The Following Home Remedies Are Considered Effective For Overcoming Anorexia

1. Ginger And Lime juice

Ginger and lime are excellent appetite stimulants. They help in providing relief from nausea and assist in digestion. Therefore, they help young women suffering from anorexia overcome the eating disorder. Combine 5 ml of fresh ginger juice with 5 ml lime juice. Add 3 ml honey to the mixture. Take two teaspoons of the ginger and lime juice mixture daily before each meal.[1]

 Ginger And Lime juice

2. Ginger And Rock Salt

Mix 5 grams of fresh or dry ginger with some rock salt and take it before meal, twice a day. This home remedy is known to help in stimulating appetite, which helps in overcoming anorexia and restore healthy eating habits.[2]


3. Mango Juice, Rock Salt And Ginger

Mango juice is known to help in improving appetite. It is also an excellent source of nutrients for young women suffering from nutritional deficiencies because of anorexia. To get rid of the eating disorder, mix about 75 ml mango juice with some rock salt and sugar candy. Add a pinch of dried ginger powder. Drink the juice once or twice daily.[3]

Mango Juice, Rock Salt And Ginger

4. Garlic Soup

Garlic is beneficial for anorexia patients. It assists in improving appetite and toning up the digestive system. Prepare soup with garlic and take it twice a day. To a cup of water, add three to four cloves of garlic. Boil for a few minutes. Add the juice of half a lemon to enhance the taste and boost the effectiveness of the garlic soup.[4]

Garlic Soup

5. Sour Grapes

The juice of sour grapes is known to help in boosting appetite. It is also beneficial for the stomach health. The juice of sour grapes is mixed with flour and used for preparing bread. To overcome anorexia, eat the bread daily for about two to three weeks.[5]

Sour Grapes