5 Causes And Symptoms Of Alopecia In Females

5 Causes And Symptoms Of Alopecia In Females

Alopecia ,which is also referred to as by many alternative names like Androgenetic alopecia, Hair loss, Baldness, Alopecia Areata or Hereditary Balding ,is basically caused by autoimmune disorder. There is a, famous adage, “A women’s hair adds to her Glory”, which is rightly said in every aspect. Healthy hair not only adds to the beauty of females but also speaks of her overall health. Long, healthy and beautiful hair not only adds race to the overall appearance of a lady but makes her more assertive and confident. However, when females begin to lose their hair without any apparent cause along with no guarantee of reversing the effect of loss hair, can cause a serious crises not only on her physical health but also on her mental health.

A recent survey has revealed that nearly about 5-6 % of females under the age group of 30 years and nearly about 70% of the females whose age group falls between 70-75 years are the prime victims of Alopecia. During the initial phases of this trouble, out of dilemma most of the females tend to make a shift to their hairstyles, so that they can easily hide the patches or the thin strands of the hair. Technically speaking, a women usually becomes a prime victim of alopecia, when WBC (White Blood Cells) outbreaks the hair follicles, thereby leading to baldness or hair fall out in the form of patches.

Alopecia in females is usually a major issue of concern because without proper analysis the root cause of this problem can’t be determined and there are quite a few chances of re-growing the hair back to its original form.

Let’s Discuss The 5 Common Causes And Symptoms Of Alopecia In Females In  Detail, One By One:

 Causes Of Alopecia In Females:

Under mentioned are the 5 prime causes and symptoms of alopecia in females along with its brief description:

1. Hormone Issues:

It has been found that hormones play a vital role of acting as a chemical messenger in the human body [1]. They should be present in our body in a balanced form. Usually in females, a bit of imbalance, can affect the normal functioning and overall wellness of a human body in general and hair in particular.

 Hormone Issues

Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance In Females:

• Prominent reason of alopecia in females is either the under secretion or over secretion of Thyroid hormone (Parathyroid hormone) .
• Usually during Menopause, Perimenopause or during Pregnancy, hormonal imbalance can be experienced by most of the females.
• Females with the Endocrine Disorders, as for instance PCOS (Polycystic ovarian Syndrome), are the prime victims of Alopecia.
• A Diabetic in her life span will definitely be targeted by alopecia

2.  Deficiency Of Iron :

Deficiency of iron results in Anemia, which ultimately results in alopecia [2]. A recent survey has revealed that one in every 20 women whose age falls between 30-50 years, who are anemic ,will definitely be targeted by alopecia or baldness in her lifetime.

 Deficiency Of Iron

Symptoms Of Deficiency Of Iron:

• Females suffering with deficiency of iron can face fatigue or laziness,which can ultimately results in alopecia.
• Pale color of skin is also the symptom of anemia, which can become the cause of alopecia.
• Beside this cold hands and feet are also the symptoms of anemia in females.
• Shortness of breath is also one of the symptoms of iron deficiency in females.
• More prone to infections are quite a few symptoms of deficiency of iron.

3. Stress:

Over exposure to stressful conditions can also cause alopecia in females [3]. When a female gets stressed out, the adrenal glands present in her body gets under active, thereby resulting in patches with lost hair or more aptly we can call alopecia. Stress and hair loss goes hand in hand. So, if you keep your level of stress under control, you can surely avoid the problem of baldness or alopecia.

Symptoms Of Stress In Females:

• Issues prevailing in her professional life like over –work conditions, meeting targets, facing extreme challenges or competitions and many more.
• Issues prevailing in her personal life like balancing professional and personal life, health conditions and many more.


4. Lack Of Appropriate Hair Care:

Not only the imbalanced bodily conditions but inappropriate hair care can also leads to alopecia [4].

Lack Of Appropriate Hair Care

Symptoms Of Inappropriate Hair Care:

• Application of chemically infused hair colors can go a long way in damaging the hair follicles in females
• Excessive usage of hair styling products like straighteners and blowers can damage the air follicles to the greater extent, thereby resulting in thinning of hair, which ultimately results in alopecia.

5. Over Dosage Of Medications:

In females excess or over dosage of certain mediations also tends to be the prime reason of alopecia, as such medications can disrupt the levels of hormone in females [5].

Over Dosage Of Medications

Symptoms Of Over Dosage Of Medications:

• Those females who intake birth control pills ,to avoid pregnancy becomes the target of Alopecia.
• A survey conducted by AAD ( American Academy of Dermatology) has revealed that all those females who intake the over dose of vitamin –A supplements,for acne treatment are on the verge of getting troubled by alopecia.Intake of medications for lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, also results in alopecia in females.
• Besides this, various anti-depressants, anti-clotting medicines ,mood stabilizers and NSAIDS ( Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)also results in alopecia.

Thus to conclude, we can say that alopecia in females can be cure ,if proper causes its symptoms can be analyzed at proper time without any delay. Along with all the above mentioned reasons Aging and genetic disorder of females can also results in alopecia. No doubt alopecia doesn’t pose any threat to the lives of females but it can adversely affect the appearance of females, which thereby results in the loss of self esteem. So, better to keep a watch on it by consulting the medical practitioner at the right time along with following proper medications to get rid of it ,so as to lead a sound , healthy and balanced life.