5 Easy Wrist Exercises To Follow Daily

5 Easy Wrist Exercises To Follow Daily

Do you want to have flexible wrist? Do you want to improve the strength of your wrists? If you nodded along in agreement, you need to follow some easy wrist exercises every day to enhance the strength and flexibility of your wrist. Healthy wrists facilitate easy and hassle-free wrist movements. So, you need to make sure that you practice certain effective wrist exercises daily. And, if you are wondering which wrist exercises you should follow, then worry no more. Let’s have a look at some easy wrist exercises that you can practice at any time anywhere. Read on to discover all about it.

Find Below Five Easy Yet Effective Wrist Exercises That You Should Follow Regularly:

1. Wrist Rotation:

Wrist rotation is an effective wrist exercises that help improve the flexibility and mobility of your wrist. All you need to do is sit on a chair, rest your elbow on your knee, close your fist, and then rotate your wrist. Take care that you rotate your wrist slowly. Rotate the wrist up and down and from one side to other. This will help facilitate easy movements of your wrist.

Wrist Rotation

2. Wrist Stretch Backwards:

Another effective wrist exercise is wrist stretch backwards that helps improve easy movements of your wrist. You need to raise your till it is one hand parallel to the ground. Raise your palm such that it is perpendicular to the floor. Now, with the help of the other hand, gradually apply pressure on your fingers and pull them towards your body i.e. backwards such that your wrist and palm goes backward. Hold for five seconds. Get back to the original position slowly. Follow this on other hand.

Wrist Stretch Backwards:

3. Wrist Stretch Forwards:

Lift your one hand such that it is parallel to the ground and let your palm also stay parallel to the ground. Now, use your other hand to apply pressure on your fingers in forward direction so that the fingers point down your wrist experiences a stretch in forward direction. Hold this position for five seconds. Get back to the original position slowly. Follow this on other hand.

Wrist Stretch Forwards

4. Grip Strengthening:

Grip strengthening exercise is another highly effective exercise that works on your wrist. You will need a rubber, little squeezable ball for this. You need to sit on a chair, rest elbow of your right one hand on your right knee, and hold a rubber ball in your hand. Now, once you grip the ball in your right hand, squeeze the ball as much as you can. Hold the ball in squeezed state for five seconds.

Now, slowly loosen your grip. Follow this grip strengthening exercise with your left hand also. This exercise not only improves your grip but also helps improve your wrist strength.

Grip Strengthening

5. Wrist Curls:

Make sure you also practice wrist curls when trying to strengthen your wrists. You need a barbell for performing wrist curls effectively. All you need to do is sit on a bench, place your elbows no your knees, your wrist should be present beyond your knees, grasp the bar of barbell to your shoulder width. Now, grip the barbell’s bar with both your hands and try to raise your palms up from the wrist joint.

Slowly, lower your palms and let the barbell roll out of your palms towards the end of your fingers. Now, again raise the barbell back up and repeat the exercise for a few times. This exercise works on your forearm’s wrist’s flexor muscles effectively.

Wrist Curls

Now that you know these five easy wrist exercises, make sure you follow them regularly.