5 Effective Diet Tips for Handling a Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is referred to the damage of intestine lines. As a result, reduction in the efficiency of protective linings for safeguarding the intestine lines can be noticed. Chronic alteration in intestinal lining takes place due to damage. As a result, accurate filtering of nutrients and biological substances do not happen. Consequently, toxins and bacteria slip through intestine lines. As a result, serious threats are associated with this health condition. A person affected by leaky gut syndrome experiences much discomfort. Food intolerances, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, digestive problems, weight gain and bloating are few of the symptoms associated with this health condition. By making few modifications to your diet, you can get some relief from this health problem.

Here Are The Five Effective Diet Tips For Handling A Leaky Gut Problem:

1. Beetroot

Rich in fiber, beetroot is considered as the best food for handling leaky gut. Amino acid and glutamine are high in beetroot. Hence, beetroot help in improving the health of intestinal tract. For handling a leaky gut problem, prefer to add beetroot to your diet.[1]


2. Raw Cabbage Juice

Raw cabbage juice is said to be effective in handling leaky gut. Glutamine is the major compound of cabbage juice. This compound is rich in soothing properties for ensuring a tight-junctioned healthy gut wall. In taking cabbage juice on regular basis helps in relieving you from the problem.[2]


3. Barley Water

Barley water is rich in healing properties. It is said to be helpful in handling various health problems. Rich in fiber, barley water is said to be effective in managing a leaky gut condition. Due to these qualities, barley water remedy is in practice since ancient times.[3]


4. Broccoli

This fiber rich food is known to be effective in healing leaky gut health problem. This cruciferous vegetable is considered as a nutritional storehouse. It offers innumerable health benefits. Adding this to your diet helps in building a healthy gut.[4]


5. Papaya

This delicious fruit is rich in soothing properties that help in reducing the inflammation of stomach lining. Papain is rich in papaya. This powerful enzyme is rich in purifying blood and healing inflammation. Consuming papaya helps in handling a leaky gut problem.[5]