5 Effective Emergency Tips To Beat Heat Stroke

Sun stroke is commonly referred to as heat stroke. This is common problem in summer. Heat is generated in the body due to metabolism. And the heat is usually dissipated either by evaporation through sweat or radiating the heat all the way through the skin. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures leads to heat stroke. It is a condition of medical emergency. Prompt treatment is required to handle this condition efficiently. Heat stroke is often associated with dehydration. Dizziness, loss of sweating, trouble breathing, and confusion are few of the symptoms of heat stroke. Infants, athletes, elderly and the workers who work in outdoor by physically exerting under the sun are the prone to be affected by sunstroke.

There are few home remedies that help you in combating heat stroke. In this article, we are sharing with you the top five effective home remedies for fighting this common problem.

Here Are The 5 Effective Emergency Tips To Beat Heat Stroke:

1. Shift The Victim To Cold Area

When you notice a heat stroke victim, you need to transfer the victim into a shady and cool place which is free from sunlight. Take the victim into the house and turn on the air conditioner or fan.[1] If you are in public place, take the victim into a mall or shop. It is to be understood that shifting the victim from hot place to cold place is very essential in order to reduce further complications of sun stroke.

Shift The Victim To Cold Area

2. Allow The Victim To Cool

As you shift the victim to the cold area which is free from sunlight, remove excess clothing from victim’s body. As you do this victim’s skin is exposed to air.[2] This allows the victim to recover faster. Now, you have to cool the entire body of victim with cold water either by spraying or sponging. This process helps to lower down the excess body temperature of the victim.

Allow The Victim To Cool

3. Apply Ice Packs

Another important way to cool the person’s body is by applying ice packs.[3] Try to rub the body of the victim with ice packs as much as you can. Neck, underarms, groin area are the areas that need to be targeted while applying ice packs. This procedure helps the victim to get well soon and this process helps in avoiding further exposure to any complications that may arise due to heat stroke.

Apply Ice Packs

4. Offer Fluids To The Victim

If the victim is conscious enough to follow your instructions, try offering fluid to the person.[4] This process helps to reduce the effect of dehydration. Intake of adequate fluids at regular intervals helps in restoring the loss of water content in the body. Make sure to offer liquids to the person only after allowing him to sit.

Offer Fluids To The Victim

5. Chest Compression For Trouble Breathing

If the victim is suffering from trouble breathing, help the victim to breathe better by following the steps described below. Identify the compression landmark. Kneel down next to the victim.[5] With the help of your fingers identify the breastbone of the victim where the ribs join. Place your finger on the breastbone. Now place your heel of another hand above the fingers. By using both the hands offer chest compressions to the victim. Stack your hand that you put on the fingers. Lace and raise the fingers together. You need to complete at least hundred compressions in a minute.

Chest Compression For Trouble Breathing