5 Effective Herbs To Soothe Wound

Herbs play an important role in giving relief from many kinds of health complications. Therefore, herbs can be considered as a gift of nature. But, many people ignore them. This is because of their lack of knowledge towards herbs and considering the time consuming process in the search of the appropriate herb. Hence, most the people prefer to use medications to get rid of their health issues. But, in the present context most of the people are taking medicines for every minor injury or wound. This is really not necessary, besides that it also leads to other side effects. When one takes the medicines for every minor injury, the body loses the capacity of repairing itself on own. Therefore, it is advisable to gain relief from herbs. Herbs can work very effectively in healing your wounds as well. Today, in this article let us discuss about some of the herbs which heal wounds effectively.

Here Are The 5 Effective Herbs To Soothe Wound:

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has been playing a very important role in giving relief from inflammatory conditions and wounds. Take some turmeric powder and mix it with water.[1] Thick paste must be made. Then, wash your hand and apply this paste on the wound. As soon as the turmeric is applied on the wound, it gives the soothing effect.


2. Goldenrod

Goldenrod is considered as one of the most effective healing herbs. In the ancient times, this herb has been used extensively to get relief from wounds.[2] Goldenrod also works effectively in combating with bacterial infections and inflammations. With its anti-swelling properties, it reduces the swelling and pain.


3. Yarrow

Ancient herbalists used this herb extensively to gain relief from slight bleeding and wounds. The anti-inflammatory properties of yarrow are very effective in reducing the wounds. Before applying this herb, make sure that you clean the wound properly.[3] As yarrow is very effective in stopping the blood flow quickly, the application of this herb may seal any contaminant or dirt in the affected area. Hence, be very careful while applying yarrow herb on the wounds. Also note that medical attention is required to apply on the deeply infected wounds.


4. Calendula

When the wounds are horribly causing discomfort with bleeding and pain, then the calendula herb comes to your rescue. Calendula is considered as one of the most effective herbs which are known for their healing power.[4] Calendula, when applied immediately stops the bleeding and thus it encourages tissue granulation so that burns and cuts can heal properly.


5. Arnica

Arnica is an herb which is considered as the most effective medicinal herb. Native Americans and Europeans used this herb to reduce inflammation and gain relief from wounds.[5] Today, it has become very important herb for the purpose of wound healing. It also gives relief from muscle pains, inflammation from insect bites, sprains, bruises also.