5 Effective Home Remedies For Constipation


Constipation is one of the common problems faced by many people all over the world. Many reasons contribute to this problem. Inadequate physical activity, intake of low fiber diet, less water intake and many reasons lead to constipation. Person suffering from constipation is suffering from irregular bowel movements. When you are facing trouble in emptying your bowls, it can be understood as constipation. This is very painful condition. You have to handle this problem effectively in order to curb the problem at the earliest stage. Otherwise, it may manifest into other problems.

Here Are The Effective Home Remedies For Handling Constipation Effectively:

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is one of the effective ways of handling constipation in an effective way. When you are constipated, you might find very difficulty in emptying the bowels.[1] In such cases, you must prefer drinking lemon juice. Intake of lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water every day on an empty stomach helps to stimulate the bowel movements.

Lemon Juice

2. Baking Soda

When you are suffering from irregular bowel movements you can try out baking soda remedy. Baking soda is very beneficial in giving you relief from constipation.[2] Add half cup of baking soda to warm water and enjoy the bath now. This baking soda bath helps to relax the muscles and stimulates bowel movements.

Baking Soda

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another effective ingredient that alleviates the constipation. Add 8 ounces of water to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink this solution.[3] This process helps to clear the problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil which is mostly used in enhancing the taste of the dishes is a natural laxative. This is very effective in easing the constipation.[4] To get rid of this problem, intake a tablespoon of olive oil at bedtime.

Olive Oil

5. Honey

Honey is highly beneficial in handling the problem of constipation. This ingredient helps to resolve the problem very effectively. Honey acts as a natural laxative.[5] Hence, honey acts as lubricant that is effective in stimulating the bowel movements. Consume a tablespoon of honey thrice a day. Every morning consume a tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach for boosting the bowel movements. And do not consume anything till another hour to smoothen the process.