5 Effective Home Remedies For Leucoderma

5 Effective Home Remedies For Leucoderma

According to studies, about 1.5% of people around the world have been affected by Leucoderma or Vitiligo. This is a troubling and annoying skin condition which is caused by the slow loss of melanocytes. These cells are in control of the melanin pigment manufacture in our skin. Lack of melanin can cause uneven white patches to appear. People suffering from this problem can experience discomfort under the sunlight. Avoid exposing large amounts of skin to UV light. It is not an acute or serious condition. It is a nonthreatening skin condition that can cause no physical damage. Leucoderma usually begins with a small white patch which later develops into larger patches. In the beginning it might be pale in color and can become gloomier after some time due to melanin deficiency. These spots may become even larger and joins with the others to form a wide-ranging patch. As the condition aggravates, it can cover up most parts of our body. Sometimes vitiligo can become a serious condition which needs special treatment. In such cases visit a dermatologist without delay. This condition can occur at any age. It is more prone in women than men. It usually affects areas like neck, hand, face, scalp and wrist. You can opt for home remedies for this issue as they are natural and free from side effects.

Here Is A List Of Homemade Therapies That Can Be Easily Done At Home:

1. Ginger Juice:

Ginger contains numerous beneficial qualities for our skin and body [1]. Simply extract the juice of ginger and drink about 10 ml of this liquid twice a day for best results. This remedy ensures a proper blood flow and supply to the white patches on your skin since ginger juice acts as a mild stimulant. This can improve your condition and can prevent them from spreading further.

Ginger Juice

2. Red Clay:

Obtain some red clay and mix it with ginger juice [2]. Mix them in equal amounts. Apply this mixture over the affected area at least once a day. It can reduce the uneasiness and discomfort caused by leucoderma. Red clay has high amounts of copper which are efficient in reducing white patches and can bring back the skin pigmentation. Follow this remedy continuously until you can see positive results. Try drinking water which has been kept in copper vessel for a whole night. This works excellently for leucoderma.

Red Clay

3. Goose Foot:

Have a regular intake of this vegetable at least twice a day in the mornings and evenings [3]. Do this for at least two months to obtain optimal outcomes. It contains beneficial elements which can decrease the effects of vitiligo.

Goose Foot

4. Turmeric Powder:

This spice has been used in home remedies since the ancient times [4]. Turmeric powder has natural healing powers and it is anti-inflammatory as well. Take a pinch or two of this powder and mix it with a little mustard oil. Combine well and apply it on the white patches. Leave it for half an hour before rinsing off with water. Increase the intake of this spice by adding them in your day to day meals.

Turmeric Powder

5. Radish Seeds:

Radish seeds are great in treating this skin condition [5]. Obtain 35 grams of radish seeds and make it into a creamy paste by grinding it with two teaspoons of vinegar. Rub this mixture on the affected area and wash off after it had completely dried off. This can be done on a daily basis for a month or two for best results.

Radish Seeds