5 Effective Home Remedies For Toothache

Tooth decay is the most common but not the only cause of toothache. There are also other causes of toothache. A gum infection that spreads to the tooth root triggers pain in and around the tooth. Injury to the tooth or buildup of debris in the space between the teeth can also cause toothache. Although home remedies are often effective in providing relief from toothache, they usually work for a short time. Hence, you cannot avoid visiting a dentist despite the effectiveness of the home remedy.The following home remedies are considered most effective for toothache relief.

Here Are The 5 Effective Home Remedies For Toothache:

1. Saltwater

Rinsing the mouth with saltwater is the most common method of reducing toothache. This remedy recommended by dentists helps in providing temporary relief.[1] Saltwater is a natural antiseptic. Swishing the saltwater around the affected tooth helps in drawing out the bacteria and toxins from the tooth.

Saltwater Gargling

2. Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and analgesic. It helps in providing relief from toothache triggered by a bacterial infection.[2] Crush a garlic clove, mix it with a small amount of rock salt and apply it to the aching tooth. It helps in reducing the pain.

Garlic (2)

3. Ginger And Cayenne Pepper

Ginger and cayenne pepper are two common spices that can help you when you are suffering from toothache. They are sources of certain compounds that help in blocking the sensation of pain. A mixture of these two natural numbing agents when applied to the aching tooth helps in reducing the pain. Prepare a thick paste by blending ground ginger with a small amount of cayenne pepper and few drops of water.[3] Dip a cotton ball in the spice paste and press it on the affected tooth until you can no longer tolerate the burning sensation of the spice mix.

Ginger And Cayenne Pepper

4. Onion

Onion is known for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties. The antibacterial compounds in onion help in killing the germs in the mouth. In European folk medicines, onion poultice is applied to the affected tooth to reduce the pain.[4] Chewing raw onion can also help in providing temporary relief from toothache.


5. Vanilla Extract

Although vanilla extract is best known as a flavoring agent, it can also be used for toothache relief. The analgesic and antiseptic properties of vanilla extract help in reducing the pain.[5] With a cotton ball dab vanilla mixture on the aching teeth. By numbing the area, it helps in providing relief from the throbbing toothache.

Vanilla Extract