5 Effective Homemade Solutions For Felons

Effective Homemade Solutions For Felons

If you experience from a deep-rooted, excruciating pain in the end of your finger, you must immediately consult a physician since this can be the first symptom of felon. This condition can be quite painful for the sufferer. Felons appear quite deep in our skin and it produces pus and inflammations on the areas around our toes and nails. The infection forms inside the tip of the finger. This leads to the formation of enfolded pouch containing abscess or pus which can inflate. This is caused by bacterial and viral infection. The virus called herpetic whitlow is responsible for this condition. Sometimes fungi can also be the source behind this. However the bacterium which plays the main role in the occurrence of felons is Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Immediate treatment must be taken for this ailment. If the microbial pouch expands, it can squeeze the blood vessels which can result in the fingertip blood circulation cut off. The infection can even reach the finger bones if left untreated. This problem can be treated with a dermatologist. There are several folk treatments or home remedies available for felons as well.

Try Any Of The Home Remedies Below Which Are Natural And Free From Harmful Chemicals:

1. Lemon:

Simply thrust the infected finger into a lemon [1]. The lemon juice can cause a harsh and cutting pain. Bear the pain for some time. Keep the finger in lemon till the finger gets warm. The juice of lemon contains acidic properties which can destroy the microbes dwelling in the skin. Furthermore lemon can heal inflammations and can clear out the pus and other liquid discharges. Do this twice or thrice a day to get better results.


2. Egg Shell Membrane:

The thin membrane that forms on the inner skin of an egg is very useful for this purpose [2]. It is very beneficial if used when the felon first appears. Simply peel the membrane from the inner shell of an egg and wrap the affected area with this skin. Wrap tightly and when the pressure becomes unbearable, splash some water on it. Leave it for 12 hours. This can be done on a regular basis to obtain improvements.

Egg Shell Membrane

3. Opium Ointment:

For this remedy use equal amounts of opium, soap and gum camphor [3]. Mix them well and add the spirits of turpentine to it till you get the right texture of salve. Apply this ointment on the felon with a cotton ball. Allow it to completely dry off before rinsing with water. This is an easy and effective homemade solution for this ailment. Follow habitually for optimal outcomes.

Opium Ointment

4. Onion and Salt:

Take a large onion and bake it. Scrap off the soft and juicy inner pulp and mix it with 2 teaspoons of table salt [4]. Mix them well. Use this as a poultice and apply it on the infected skin regions. This can be done twice a day on a regular basis for best results. Onion has anti-bacterial properties which can get rid of the bacterial infection and thus promoting a speedy recovery.


5. Moist applications:

You can apply moist applications with promising anti-septic qualities like a mixture of milk and water, glycerin and rosewater or vinegar and water on the affected area [5]. These are harmless and mild options for the skin. Do not opt for cold applications as they can aggravate the issue by driving in the rashes which can lead to dangerous internal maladies.

Moist applications