5 Effective Ways To Take Care Of The Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is beautiful but it is the one that needs utmost care. If not given the care, it is going to cause problems in the form of rashes, frequent blemishes and several other skin conditions. There is a lot that can be done for the sensitive skin but it needs time and proper care. If you are willing to take care of your skin then down here are given few tips that you can follow for the betterment of your skin. Do read all.

5 Effective Remedies To Take Care Of The Sensitive Skin:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

This is that one tip that should be followed regardless of the skin type. Keeping yourself hydrated means you have to take care of your body by drinking plenty of water every day. Although the moderate amount of water that one should be drinking is 8-10 glasses of water but it is not limited till that. The more you drink water, the better it will become for the body to keep hydrated and also flushes out the toxins out of the body. There are people who don’t like to drink plenty of water and are still concerned about their health. Such people can go the other alternative i.e. Juicy fruits.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

2. Consume Honey Daily:

Honey is the right ingredients for most of the skin type. Whether using it topically or orally, honey always bears good results. It is loaded with the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial property that helps in keeping the skin and the inner health in good condition. This also forms a super hydrating tonic useful for keeping the inner health in good condition. For regular cleansing of the body, it can be mixed with one glass of water and consumed once or twice daily.

If you are willing to form a face mask of honey then you can form a rough mixture of honey and unsweetened cocoa powder. Do add some milk and coconut oil to this mixture. Now mix properly and apply all over your skin. Keep it applied for about 10 minutes and then you can wash it off with lukewarm water. Not only will this remedy help in soothing the sensitive skin but also solve the problem of sunburn if any.

Consume Honey Daily

3. Take Care Of The Allergens:

If you have sensitive skin then the allergens are your rival and you must maintain distance from it. Coming to the allergens, it differs from person to person. Sensitive skin type must stay away from the smoke, dust, pollens, tar, petrol, pollutants, food items and cosmetics. The moment you come in contact with the allergens, the skin reacts and it shows up. It may cause rashes and blemishes to worsen the condition. Therefore, try to keep away from the allergens. Still if you catch sight of these then make sure that you take proper care of the skin like washing up properly and choosing the correct skin product.

Take Care Of The Allergens

4. Use Coconut Oil:

Here comes my favorite oil. From its smell to its action, coconut oil dives deep into the skin and clears it from there. As it is the sensitive skin that needs utmost care, make sure that you are fulfilling its need. Coconut oil may become the need of the skin as it penetrates deep into the skin pores and nourishes and moisturizes the skin from there. You can even form a recipe for sensitive skin using coconut oil.

One popular and effective recipe made using coconut oil involves peppercorns, indian gooseberry, curry leaves and henna leaves. You have to dry roast about 9 black peppercorns and crush it together with 3-4 dried gooseberries. Now crush about 5-6 curry leaves and a handful of henna leaves. Put all these ingredients into one liter of coconut oil. Heat the oil and wait till it starts changing color. It will turn black and also leave a fine aroma. Use this oil to massage your sensitive skin. As it is way more than what you need, you can eve store it into a container and use once or twice daily. Believe it or not, this will do wonders to the skin and keep all the bad conditions away. Not only the skin but this one can also be used to massage your scalp and make hair healthy.

Coconut Oil

5. Soothe Your Skin With Cucumber:

Cucumber has always been a wonderful agent for beautiful and fresh looking skin type. Eat it as salad or apply it in the form of face mask, the favor is always towards your skin. People think that cucumber can only be used for removing the dark circles from the puffy eyes but its usage is not limited till here. Cucumber can also be used for keeping the skin fresh and keeping safe from the unwanted effects.

For perfect skin, you can mix about 1 teaspoon of honey to 2 teaspoon of cucumber juice and apply all over your face. For deep and proper nourishment, you can keep it applied for over 20 minutes. Don’t worry, it is not going to do any harm to the skin. You can wash off afterwards.

Soothe Your Skin With Cucumber