5 Extraordinary Home Remedies To Ease Vertigo

Vertigo is also known as balance disorder. It is a sensation of dizziness. People with vertigo feel that everything is moving. They also experience an imbalance and feeling of vomiting. In fact, these are the two major symptoms of this health condition. Other symptoms include weak limbs, blurred vision and earache, difficulty in standing, walking and light headedness. The causes of vertigo include diabetes, caffeine, tobacco, inadequate sleep, dehydration etc. This disorder can be dealt with some effective home remedies. In this article, we are providing some powerful home remedies that combat with vertigo.

Here Are 5 Extraordinary Home Remedies To Ease Vertigo:

1. Fennel

Vertigo can be easily managed with fennel seeds. These seeds combat when combined with sugar candies help in combating with this health issue very effectively. Hence, to beat the symptoms, prefer to consume sugar candies along with some fennel seeds. [1]Follow this process after having food. Follow this process for two months. This method is highly beneficial in alleviating the signs of vertigo.


2. Ginger

Ginger is used to get rid of many health issues since ages. Its therapeutic properties are really amazing in giving you relief from vertigo. To get immediate relief, you can consume ginger tea or ginger slice. Chewing a slice of ginger is significantly effective in easing the symptoms. [2]Also note that ginger candies or capsules work greatly in fighting with vertigo.


3. Milk

Milk is loaded with lot of amazing health benefits. Therefore, milk can be considered as an effective home remedy for dealing with vertigo. All you have to do is to take some raisins to milk and let the mixture boil for some time. After that, let this mixture cool for few minutes. [3]Consume this liquid before your bed time. The minerals and calcium of milk are greatly useful in reducing the symptoms of vertigo.


4. Lemon Juice

Nausea and headache which are the main symptoms of vertigo can be well handled by the various therapeutic elements of lemon juice. As you experience the symptoms, consume one glass of tepid water. Add little amounts of black pepper, lemon juice and salt. [4]Mix these ingredients well in the warm water and consume to reduce the symptoms of vertigo.

lemon juice

5. Gooseberry

There are many medicinal properties associated with Indian Gooseberry. Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin c and thus it is very effective in improving your health. It also helps in purifying your blood. It also eases vertigo. To enjoy the amazing health benefits of gooseberry, firstly take some quantity of gooseberry powder along with coriander seeds to water. [5]Leave the mixture for the whole night. Filter this mixture in the next morning and add half teaspoon of sugar in it. Consume it for beating vertigo.