5 Foods That Help You Quit Smoking

We are all aware of the health risks associated with smoking. Nevertheless, quitting smoking is not easy for most of the smokers. However, with the help of the right diet you can easily get rid of your smoking habit. Foods that help in reducing your cravings for nicotine and detoxifying your body can help you to quit smoking with ease. Strict dieting is not recommended for people who are trying hard to quit smoking. Instead you should choose foods wisely that help in satisfying your taste buds and at the same time play a role in helping you stay away from cigarettes. The following foods are considered especially beneficial for people trying to quit smoking.

Here Are 5 Foods That Help You Quit Smoking:

1. Milk

To stop smoking, drink a little milk when you experience the craving for nicotine. Studies have shown that smoking after drinking milk creates an unpleasant taste in the mouth that encourages smokers to stop smoking.[1]

cold milk

2. Ginger

When you try to quit smoking, you may feel dizzy and nauseated in the first few days. Drinking ginger tea or chewing a slice of ginger mixed with lemon juice helps in reducing nausea.[2] Furthermore, chewing ginger seems to help in reducing your urge to smoke.


3. Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Increasing intake of vitamin C rich fruits such as lime, lemon, oranges and guavas can help you to quit smoking. Vitamin C helps in decreasing your cravings for nicotine. [3]Furthermore, the antioxidant effect of vitamin C helps in negating the free radicals that accumulate in the body of smokers.

Vitamin C Rich Fruits

4. Vegetables

A diet rich in vegetables can help you while you are trying to quit smoking. According to a Duke University study, smokers found that eating vegetables worsened the taste of cigarette. [4]Furthermore, the alkaline forming vegetables help in countering the harmful effect of cigarette smoking on your health.

Green Leafy Vegetables

5. Dark Chocolate

If you are trying to quit smoking, eat 1 ½ ounces of at least 75% dark chocolate daily. Eating dark chocolate seems to help in repairing some of the damages caused by nicotine to your health. [5]The antioxidant rich dark chocolate especially helps in dilating the blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

dark choclates