5 Fruit Pack To Get Much Awaited Healthy Skin

The richness of the minerals and vitamins in the fruits when bursts into our skin, it gets nourished and becomes rejuvenated on its own. Don’t you want such skin? Yes, I do and I am sure even you do. Although, there are abundance of fruits that can be used for making face pack but not all can be mentioned at once. Therefore, today, I have come up with the fruits that can make the perfect blend for the skin health. With the lush of antioxidant in these fruits, it becomes extra amazing and a must use fruit in face pack. The main purpose of using fruits is to free the skin from the harmful radicals that otherwise causes signs of ageing and also make it unhealthy. No doubt the skin will be nourished in all the ways as you are going to blend it with other essential ingredients too. Do go through these blends and find out the purpose and the methods of applying.

Here Are 5 Fruit Pack To Get Much Awaited Healthy Skin:

1. Kiwi And Grape Fruit

The multiple vitamins and omega 3 oil in kiwi when combine with the antioxidants of grape, comes up with an amazing face pack that is must for the skin. Use it thrice a week till you witness the results on your face. For its preparation, mix equal portion of kiwi fruit together with its black seeds and crushed grape. Mix properly before applying. When you have spread a uniform layer on your face, keep applied for the next 20 minutes and finally wash off with chill water.

Kiwi And Grape Fruit

2. Honey And Grape

At the same time when honey is moisturizing, grape is nourishing. Honey helps in hydrating the skin whereas grape frees it from ageing causing radicals. This way the blend of these two ingredients enriches the skin with glow, nourishment and smoothness. Cush few grape fruits and keep its pulp in a bowl. Add one teaspoon of honey to the pulp and mix properly. Apply evenly on all over your skin except the eye area. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

honey and grapes

3. Grape And Strawberry 

This face pack is amazing and I assure you that it is definitely going to give you dream-like skin. With continuous usage, you will be able to revive the dull and lifeless skin. Just make sure that you don’t give up its usage. To prepare the face pack, crush 4-5 grapes and 3 strawberries. Mix their pulp in a bowl. Apply evenly on all over your skin. Keep it like this for 20 minutes and finally wash off with cold water.

Grape And Strawberry

4. Grape And Apple Face Pack

The richness of the fruits lies all in this face pack. Only when you use it, you will find out how beneficial fruits are for outer and inner body as well. Both are great source of antioxidant that throw a great deal in fighting the free radicals responsible for anti-ageing. For preparing this face pack, simply mix equal portion of crushed apple and grape. Mix well and spread an even layer on the face. Allow it to stand for the next 20 minutes followed by rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Grape And Apple Face Pack

5. Grape And Yoghurt 

Grape fruit is rich in antioxidant property while natural raw yoghurt makes an amazing blend to create a face pack. Also, it is extremely necessary for a skin that is full of glow, smooth and nourished at the same time. For applying, crush few grape and mix one tablespoon of raw yoghurt in its pulp. Mix well together and apply uniformly on your skin. Keep for 15 minutes before you finally rinse it off. Go with the same face pack for thrice a week.

Grape And Yoghurt