5 Health Drinks For Curbing The Severity Of Jaundice

Jaundice is a health problem in which yellowness of skin can be noticed. Whites of eyes also turn into yellow color. Improper functioning of liver results in rise in the levels of a chemical named bilirubin. This chemical is responsible for yellowness in eyes. When the problem is severe, IV fluids, surgery and antibiotics are recommended. However, during the mild stage, many people can get advantage of home remedies to curb jaundice. There are innumerable natural approaches can be made to control this situation and prevent the reoccurrence of this problem.

In This Article, We Are Sharing Some Helpful Home Remedies To Fight Jaundice:

1. Barley Water

Regular consumption of barley water in day time helps to handle the situation on a smoother way. In fact, barley water is associated with many health benefits.[1] This is especially useful to handle jaundice. As you regularly consume barley water, you can notice the lessening of the disease to a greater extent.

Barley Water

2. Tomato Juice

Tomato is a wonderful natural remedy for healing jaundice. Add a pinch of black pepper and salt in the fresh tomato juice and have it early in the morning.[2] Following this process on regular basis assures you to restore your health to a normal condition.

Tomato Juice

3. Sugarcane Juice

This delicious juice is loaded with many health benefits. In fact, this juice is a traditional approach of healing from jaundice.[3] Mixing some lemon juice into a glass of sugarcane juice assures you an effective recovery from jaundice. Blend of sugarcane and lemon juice acts as a medicine for controlling the situation.

Sugarcane Juice

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon is a therapeutic fruit for various common ailments. It is loaded with essential properties that help to ease the disorders in an effective manner.[4] In this case, diluted lemon juice must be given at several regular intervals to the patient for fastest recovery from jaundice.

Lemon Juice

4. Papaya Juice

Papaya is an effective diet tip for easing the severity of jaundice. Patient should be offered papaya juice on regular basis. It is an ancient remedy for curbing the severity of jaundice.[4] papaya is rich in therapeutic properties that helps in boosting immune system and thus it helps in restoring the normal functionality of liver.

Papaya Juice

5. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple is a wonder fruit which is very rich in various healing properties. This juice is known to be beneficial in reducing jaundice and restoring you a normal health condition.[5] Patient should be given pineapple juice on regular basis. This juice also helps in building up strength in patient.

Pineapple Juice