5 Helpful Home Remedies For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that occurs when the activity of the nerve cells in the brain is disrupted, leading to seizures. The symptoms of epileptic seizures vary from person to person. In some, it causes twitching of the arms and legs. In others, the seizure causes temporary confusion and the person stares blankly during the seizure. Certain home remedies seem to help in controlling the epileptic seizures. They may even help in reducing the episodes of epileptic seizures. Home remedies for epilepsy are usually considered safe.

Here Are 5 Helpful Home Remedies For Epilepsy

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids. These fats are broken down into ketones. Elevated ketone level in the blood helps in reducing the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures. Regular intake of coconut oil is beneficial for people susceptible to seizures. Coconut oil also seems to help in drug-resistant epilepsy or when other epilepsy drugs are not effective in controlling seizures.[1]

Coconut Oil

2. Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is considered beneficial for people with epilepsy. Rich in vitamins, brewer’s yeast seems to help in restoring the nutrient balance that plays a role in reducing seizures. To reduce epileptic seizures, take three to five tablespoons of brewer’s yeast daily. Infants with epilepsy can be given two tablespoons of brewer’s yeast once or twice daily.[2]

Brewer’s Yeast

3. Garlic

Garlic can help in reducing seizures. People with epilepsy can take three to four cloves of garlic with some honey in the morning. There is another way to use garlic for controlling epileptic seizures. Soak a piece of cotton in olive oil. Wrap a garlic clove with the cotton and place it in the ears before bedtime. It seems to help in strengthening the nerves, which helps in reducing seizures.[3]


4. Epsom Salt

Studies have found an association between magnesium deficiency and epilepsy. Epsom salt as a source of magnesium is therefore considered beneficial for people with epilepsy. Half a teaspoon of food grade Epsom salt can be taken with water each morning to help reduce the incidence of epilepsy.[4]

Epsom Salt

5. Onion

Onion juice is considered beneficial for people prone to epileptic seizures. It helps in reducing the incidence of seizures when taken daily. Furthermore, to help overcome an epilepsy attack, cut an onion and place it in front of the nostrils. The smell of onion seems to help in controlling the seizure.[5]