5 Helpful Home Remedies To Overcome Dehydration

Our body needs sufficient amount of water to function properly. When the body loses more amount of fluid, it leads to dehydration. Young children and people with chronic diseases, older adults are highly prone to this condition. Diarrhea, vomiting, heat exposure, fever and extreme workouts are few of the factors that result in dehydration. Symptoms depend on the severity of dehydration. Fatigue, less urination, headaches, dry skin, dry mouth, dizziness, muscle cramps and constipation are the few of the symptoms of mild dehydration. Extreme thirst, no or little urination, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, sunken eyes and severe dry mouth are the signs of chronic dehydration. Mild dehydration can be well handled by effective home remedies.

This Article Is All About Such Effective Home Remedies

1. Lime Juice:

The juice of the lime is very effective in controlling the symptoms of dehydration. Add a pinch of salt in a teaspoonful of lime juice. Also, add a teaspoonful of sugar in that mixture. Mix these ingredients to a pint of water. This refreshment juice must be consumed throughout the day for keeping the dehydration at bay. [1]


2. Coconut Water:

Electrolytes are rich in coconut water. Hence, it is extremely hydrating and considered as an effective alternative drink for boosting rehydration. The attributes of the coconut water are same when compared to a modern sports drink. It is also rich in potassium and iron. It is very effective in replenishing chronic dehydration. [2]

coconut water

3. Ginger And Buttermilk:

The combination of ginger and buttermilk works wonder in reducing the symptoms of dehydration. For this, take a cupful of buttermilk. Add one teaspoonful of dry ginger to that buttermilk. Mix these ingredients well and consume that mixture. You need to drink this liquid for three to four times in a day for managing with persistent dehydration. [3]

Coriander Juice And Buttermilk

4. Fenugreek And Yogurt:

Fenugreek, when combined with yogurt eases dehydration by normalizing the levels of sodium and potassium. For getting rid of dehydration, take a teaspoonful of fenugreek powder. Add it to a cup of yogurt. Having this mixture helps in providing you relief. [4]


5. Epsom Bath:

Another effective home remedy for getting rid of dehydration is Epsom bath. Persistent dehydration leads to painful or tired muscles. Epsom bath lets your skin absorb magnesium. Epsom salt is also loaded with sulfates which increase the nutrients absorption. Thus, it helps in retaining water content in your body. [5]