5 Herbal Remedies For Reducing Water Retention

Water retention is also known as edema or fluid retention. This problem occurs due to the accumulation of excessive fluid in your body tissues, cavities or circulatory system. A human body is rich in water content. Almost 70 percent of a human body is occupied by water. The buildup of excess fluids in our body results in swelling. As a result, weight gain and puffy eyes can also be noticed in the patients. Usually, in such situations, swelling can be seen in ankles, hands, feet, and legs. This condition is normally connected to the lymphatic or venous systems.

Here Are The Effective Herbs For Managing Water Retention In A Natural And Safest Way

1. Parsley

Parsley acts as a diuretic agent. Hence, this quality of this amazing herb is very useful in handling water retention problem. Extracts of parsley are very helpful in overcoming fluid retention. Consume parsley in the form of tea. But, if you are a nursing mother, you need to take much care with regards to the dosage.[1]


2. Dandelion

Water retention or fluid retention can be well-managed with dandelion. Bloating, which is usually associated with water retention can be reduced with the consumption of dandelion tea. This herbal tea is very valuable in reducing the discomforts associated with fluid retention. Extracts of dandelion leaves should be used in the preparation of this herbal tea.[2]


3. Nettle

Nettle is another amazing healing herb for combating water retention. Mild diuretic qualities of this herb help in reducing the worries caused by this health condition. One teaspoon of nettle root powder should be combined with one cup of water. Steep it for 15 minutes. Have this drink on a regular basis for beating fluid retention. Furthermore, this herb is also very helpful in cases of bladder and kidney troubles.[3]


4. Cornsilk

For getting rid of water retention with cornsilk remedy, you are required to boil few strands of corn silk. Strain it. Have the drink. This drink is said to be beneficial in reducing water retention. Diuretic nature of Cornsilk is capable of handling the issue.[4]


5. Rosemary

Diuretic and refreshing properties of rosemary are known to be beneficial in handling water retention. Rosemary tea is helpful in beating this problem. People with high blood pressure should stay away from this herb. Also pregnant women should avoid consuming this herb. If you are epileptic, avoid this remedy.[5]