5 Home Remedies For Computer Eye Strain Relief

5 Home Remedies For Computer Eye Strain Relief

Eye Strain, as the name suggests implies to the pressure or strain exerted on the eyes, when you either try to read or view out something. In a medical terminology, Eye strain is more appropriately termed as ‘Computer Vision Syndrome ‘(CVS). Eye strain is a common issue these days. Every one out of 10 persons experience this problem. It can be due to innumerable reasons like working on the computer screen for long hours without taking any break in-between, blurred vision, lack of proper sleep, having in contact to Bright light for long, habit of reading in dim light or lack of proper lightening and brightening at work place, or it may also due to some eye allergies.

Eye strain tends to results in uneasiness and tiredness of eyes besides resulting in dryness, blurred vision, irritation, watery eyes or redness in eyes. Usually, you will notify all these symptoms in dark, when you try to exert too much pressure on your eyes. Most of the time, we don’t take all these symptoms seriously and just pour on few eye drops or take some medications to temporary get relief from the eye strain.But We, Will Present Before You 5 Such Amazing Home Remedies, by Following Which You Will Definitely Get a Significant Relief From Computer Strain.

Let’s Have a Brief Insight Into These Remedies:

1. Eye Massage:

This is one of the best home remedies to get relief from computer strain [1]. Eye massaging not only offers relaxation around the eye muscles but also helps to improve the circulation of blood around the eyes. Not only this, regular eye massaging also plays an important role in inhibiting dry eyes, by simply activating the tear Glands.

Eye Massage

How To Do It: 

For eye massaging you can either use almond or olive oil. Now,just erect the forefingers of both hands and begin massaging both your eye lids as well as muscles around the eyebrows mildly for about 15-20 seconds. In a similar way, mildly massage the lower lids of your eyes for about 15-20 seconds. Try to follow up this eye massaging on routine basis and get a sure shot significant relief from eye strain.

2. Eye Exercises:

Eye Exercises plays a major role in alleviating the computer eye strain ,which is mainly caused by the focusing fatigue [2]. Eye exercises helps in bringing elasticity to your eye muscles, thus making them relaxed and enhancing the power of concentration and focus in the long run.

Eye Exercises

How To Do It: 

First of all, try to perform blinking exercises, after every 15-20 minutes, while working on your computer screen. This will not only make your eyes wet but also helps to sooth them and bring elasticity in them.Another vital eye exercise is to spool your eyes in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for 10-15 seconds. Take mild breaks in –between and close your eyes for a while. Try to perform this exercise every 20-25 minutes.

Alternatively, you can make use of a prop like a pen or a pencil and hold it the distance of your arm. Now focus on the tip of the pen or pencil. Gradually, bring the pen/pencil in the close proximity to your eyes, until you can maintain a healthy focus on it. Then, try to move the prop at a distant position from your eyes and again try to focus on it. Try to perform this exercise daily for about 10-15 minutes. Performing these exercises on regular mode not only helps to get you relief from computer strain but also goes a long way in reducing fatigue from your strained eyes.

3. Cold Water Compress:

Nothing can be as good as cold water compress for relieving the eye strain [3]. Cold water compress helps to improve the circulation of blood and is proved to be an outstanding home remedy for diminishing the puffiness around the eyes as well as to get rid of bulging eyes.

Cold Water Compress

How To Do It: 

Cold water compress can be performed in below listed 2 different ways. Just try them and get a substantial relief from computer eye strain:

• In the first instance, you can take some ice cubes and wrap it in cotton towel. Now slowly compress your eyelids with this ice cube wrap for about a minute. In this way, you will not only sooths or relieves your eyes of stringent strain but also diminish the puffiness around your eyes.

• In the second instance, you can fill your mouth with cold water and splash some cold water in your eyes and face, so as to get a soothing and relaxing effect on your strained and tired eyes.

4. Apply Green Tea Bags:

Another most wonderful home remedy for getting relief from computer eye strain is the application of green tea bags on your eyes [4]. It has been found that green tea is the rich source of bio-flavonoids, which are very beneficial for combating with various infections along with giving you are greater relief to get rid of strained and fatigued eyes.

Apply Green Tea Bags

How To Do It: 

Take a vessel, boil some water and dip the green tea bags into it. Now, put these moistened tea bags in to the refrigerator for about 5 minutes along with the boiled tea extract. After this, place these tea bags directly on our eyes for 10-15 minutes. This application of tea bags on your eyes will definitely goes a long way in reducing eye stain along with itching and inflammation from your eyes. Besides, this you also use the cool boiled tea water as an eye wash to remove all the dust from your eyes and giving a refreshing and relaxing effect to your strained eyes.

5. Palming Yoga:

As we know, yoga is very beneficial for our overall health but do have any idea how crucial is palming yoga technique for your strained eyes [5]. Usually, you might have noticed that while working on the computer, watching television or reading some books you will feel a lot of tiredness and discomfort in our eyes. This yoga technique brings relaxation and calmness not only to your eyes but also to your mind and whole body.

While practicing this, you will definitely get an instant relief from strained and fatigued eyes and this yoga posture will provide a restful state to your eyes.

Palming Yoga

How To Do It: 

As the name suggests, Palming refers to encapsulating your shut eyes with the palms of your hands. What you have to do is to simply sit in a comfortable posture and join the palms of both hands. Now, rub both the palms promptly and shut your eyes. Then place both your warm palms on the closed eyes without exerting any pressure. Remain in this position for a minute or two.

Now, gradually open your eyes and look around. This is a sort of warm compress for your eyes. Repeat this yoga in 3 cycles throughout out the day, with each cycle comprising of 10-15 repetitions and feel comfort and freshness in your strained eyes.

So to conclude, we can say that all these home remedies are quite simple and easy and you can sincerely follow them at the comfort of your place , so as to get a significant impact on your strained eyes.