5 Home Remedies For Dental Plaque And Tartar

Dental plaque is a common oral problem. It is a colorless sticky film comprising of sugar and bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the teeth. If not removed from the surfaces of the teeth, it hardens and form tartar. The bacteria that live in the plaque release acids while breaking down the sugar present in the food you eat. The acid erodes the enamel of the tooth and leads to cavity and gum diseases. Fortunately, in addition to practicing good oral hygiene, dental plaque and tartar can be removed from the teeth and their further formation can be slowed down with the help of home remedies.

Here Are The 5 Home Remedies For Dental Plaque And Tartar:

1. Baking Soda

Brushing the teeth with baking soda helps in removing dental plaque and tartar. The mild abrasive action of baking soda helps in dislodging the sticky film of food debris that accumulates on the teeth. Furthermore, the alkalinity of baking soda helps in neutralizing the acid produced in the mouth when you eat sugar and refined carbohydrate.[1]


2. Cranberry Juice

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice helps in inhibiting the plaque buildup on the teeth. It helps in obstructing clumping together of bacteria on the teeth, which leads to formation of plaque on the teeth.[2]

Cranberry Juice

3. Clove

Although clove is better known as a remedy for toothache, it is also known to help in removing dental plaque. Mix a teaspoon of ground clove with some olive oil. Apply the mixture on your teeth and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use this twice a day to get rid of the plaque from the teeth.[3]


4. White Vinegar

Rinsing the mouth with diluted white vinegar twice a week helps in cleaning the dental plaque. However, remember this is a harsh remedy because the acidity of vinegar erodes the teeth if used frequently. Therefore, it should not be used more than twice a week. After rinsing your mouth with vinegar, thoroughly rinse with plain water.[4]

white vinegar

5. Black Tea

Rinsing the mouth with black tea after a meal helps in inhibiting plaque deposition on the teeth. To reduce plaque buildup on the teeth, you can rinse your mouth with black tea up to ten times a day for a week. It helps in reducing the acidity and bacterial count in the mouth, the common causes of dental plaque.[5]

Blackberry Tea