5 Home Remedies For Removing Acnes And Its Marks

Acne, it comes and goes but what it brings together is harsh and unwelcoming. Yes, many of us don’t want a single trace of acne on our face and what comes after i.e. the marks is absolutely never but we can’t help it, can we? Yes, we surely can. Although, unaware of its cause, we are unable to stop its appearance but we can definitely follow some rules and measures to stop its appearance and off course its marks. Call it home remedies or measure, such 5 are given down here. Do read to save your skin.

Here Are Home Remedies For Removing Acnes And Its Marks

1. Try Lemon Juice

The purpose of using lemon juice is its acidic property that makes it function like a germicide and clean the epidermis from germs. Lemon juice also works like an astringent that allows it to wash off abundance of oil. You may apply the remedy in more than one way. Simply dab a cotton pad into lemon juice and apply on the pimples. Perform every night before you sleep. Your pimples will vanish as soon as you wake up in the morning. If the pimples are fully ripe then you can apply cinnamon powder and lemon juice on the pimples spot. This will help to dispose the pimples very soon. However, make sure that you don’t use it if you have sensitive skin.

Glycerin, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

2. Use Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice hydrates the skin, fills the skin cells with numerous vitamins and finally creating a soothing sensation on the skin. Not only pimples, cucumber juice can help to prevent inflammation of any kind. Cut cucumber into small pieces as if you are cutting for salad. Keep them into water for about an hour. Take the cucumber pieces out and use the water to rinse off your pimple prone skin. Alternatively, using cucumber mask on pimpled skin and keeping for 15 minutes helps to clean the skin pores from bacteria and dirt.


3. Either Eat Or Apply Garlic Cloves

Have you ever eaten a raw garlic? If no then you must try this once and if yes then you might be able to imagine its action on pimples. For any problem related to microbes, such as bad odor, excessive sweating or pimples, garlic is said to bear solid antibacterial property. In Ayurveda, it has large number of uses let skin breakouts be one of them. The best part about garlic is that is can be taken orally and applied topically as it is effective in clearing the toxins of the body that otherwise leads to frequent breakouts and wipe bacteria and excess of oil from the face. Simply rub a crushed garlic clove on your pimples and wait for 5 minutes. Wash off later. Repeat few times every day.


4. Use Papaya

You might be knowing papaya for its skin softening property only. Don’t worry, it can be used for pimple clearing as well. You can eat it or apply topically, both ways it works effective for the skin. Mash some pieces of papaya and apply all over your skin. Keep for 10-15 minutes and finally wash off with lukewarm water giving a final splash of water.


5. Use Honey Regular

A honey moisturized face helps to overcome the pimples as it is extremely effective in disinfecting the pores from the microbes and take away its excess of oil and sebum. Remember that you use natural honey for pimple cleaning. First wash your face clean and then dab a cotton pad into natural honey. Apply on your pimples straightaway and let it remain for no less than 30 minutes. Finally use warm water to wash off the face.