5 Home Remedies To Grow Thicker And Longer Eyelashes


Beautiful eyes are the most important asset for any woman. Unfortunately, sparse eyelashes spoil the beauty of your eyes that force you to wear artificial lashes or coat the exiting eyelashes with mascara to make them appear thicker. However, none of these cosmetic options help in thickening the eyelashes or stimulating eyelash growth naturally. Your genes, age, hormonal changes, diet and underlying health disorders are usually responsible for poor eyelash growth. Nevertheless, there are a number of effective natural remedies that help in promoting eyelash growth, making them longer and thicker naturally.

For Beautiful Eyelashes, Try The Following Home Remedies

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies for scanty eyelashes. Rich in vitamin A, it is known to help in stimulating growth of the lashes when applied daily. Before bedtime, apply a thin coat of pure castor oil to the base of your eyelid and the lashes. Leave it on overnight. Castor oil is also known to help in strengthening the eyelashes and reducing their breakage.[1]

Castor Oil

2. Olive Oil

Rich in healthy fats and antioxidants, olive oil is known to help in stimulating growth of the eyelashes. It is one of the ancient folk remedies for promoting eyelash growth. Evenly apply lukewarm olive oil to the eyelashes daily. Apart from helping in eyelash growth, olive oil helps in making them naturally dark.[2]

olive oil

3. Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice

To enhance the eyelashes naturally, apply a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice. Coconut oil helps in moisturizing and nourishing the eyelashes, thereby helping the eyelashes to grow easily. The astringent properly of lemon juice helps in cleaning the hair follicles, thereby removing blockages that impair growth of the eyelashes. Combine a tablespoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply the mixture evenly to the eyelashes one to three times a day.[3]


4. Olive Oil, Castor Oil And Petroleum Jelly

To stimulate growth of the eyelashes, mix a teaspoon each of olive oil, castor oil and petroleum jelly. With a Q-tip evenly spread the mixture on the eyelashes. Use it twice a day, especially before retiring to bed for best result.[4]


5. Almond Oil

Almond oil is also known to strengthen and lengthen the eyelashes. Apply the oil to the eyelashes daily before going to bed. Leaving the almond oil overnight on the lashes helps in improving absorption of the oil. This helps in gradually thickening and lengthening the eyelashes.[5]