5 Home Remedies To Reduce High Uric Acid Level

Uric acid is a product formed when foods that contain purines are broken down in the body. Normally, the excess uric acid is flushed out from the body through the kidneys and a small amount is eliminated through stool. However, when your body produces excess uric acid or the kidneys fail to carry out their normal filtering function, the uric acid level rises in the blood. Too much uric acid in the blood increases the risk of gout. By reducing intake of purine rich foods and with the help of home remedies that help in neutralizing the uric acid, you can easily lower the uric acid level naturally.

The Following Are 5 Home Remedies To Reduce High Uric Acid Level:

1. Lemon Juice

Citric acid present in lemon juice is a solvent for uric acid. When taken by people whose uric acid level is higher than normal, lemon juice helps in naturally reducing the uric acid level in the blood. [1]Remember to drink plenty of water to help your body flush out the dissolved uric acid from the body.

lemon juice

2. Baking Soda

To eliminate the excess uric acid from the body, take ½-teaspoon of baking soda mixed with a glass of water up to four times a day. Baking soda helps in increasing the alkalinity of the urine. [2]Uric acid dissolves easily in urine when it is alkaline. Drink enough fluid to increase urine production that would help in flushing out the uric acid from the body.

baking soda

3. Carrot, Beet And Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is an excellent diuretic. It is known to help in reducing the uric acid level. Combining it with carrot and beet juice seems to help in speeding up the process of eliminating the excess uric acid from the body.[3]

Carrot, Beet and Cucumber Juice

4. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea, when taken with protein rich food, helps in protein metabolism. Furthermore, it helps in neutralizing uric acid produced as a byproduct of metabolism of animal protein. [4]Adding ginger tea to the diet can help people troubled by high uric acid level.

ginger tea

5. Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is a popular traditional remedy for reducing high uric acid level. It helps in neutralizing the uric acid and dissolving the urate crystals, thereby helping in reducing the risk of gout attack. [5]Moreover, cherry juice is known for its anti-inflammatory effect that helps in reducing swelling and pain in the joints affected by gouty arthritis.

cherry juice