5 Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipes For Gorgeous Skin

Gorgeous skin is a dream of every girl! But in today’s life it is very hard to maintain good skin. Bad skin or skin problems can be a result of your eating habits, pollution or the major cause can be using chemical enriched skin care product. So here we have some amazing whipped coconut oil body butter recipes which will help to heal you skin and make it gorgeous naturally and the best part of using coconut oil is: It is easily available, it can save your money and it does not have any side effects. These body butters are all made form natural ingredients which can nurture your skin within just few uses! I’m sure your skin will love these! These natural and stunning body butter recipes will make your skin dreamy smooth and marvelous!

1. Lime And Coconut Body Butter:


6 spoons spoon coconut oil
¼ cup cocoa butter
1 teaspoon lemon essential oil

Lime And Coconut Body Butter
This is an awesome body butter recipe which will make you feel refreshed and awesome! Mix these ingredients and whip the body butter. store in a container and use daily for making your skin flawless. This butter consists of lime essential oil and cocoa butter which has the ability to make the skin super stunning! Thus, apply this cream and make your skin look flattering!

2. Aloe Vera And Whipped Coconut Oil Recipe:


3 spoons Coconut oil
2 spoons Olive oil
2 spoons Aloe Vera gel
Few drops Essential oil

Aloe Vera And Whipped Coconut Oil Recipe
Here is a soothing and flawless body butter which will revive your skin and make it look adorable. Coconut oil is a nourishing ingredient, olive oil makes the skin hydrated and smooth, aloe Vera gel is a revitalizing ingredient which will perfectly smoothen your skin. Add some essential oil drops for making the butter more fresh, aromatic and luxurious!

3. Calendula Flower And Coconut Body Butter Recipes:


½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup dried calendula flower
¼ cup shea butter
Few drops Essential oil

Calendula Flower And Coconut Body Butter Recipes

The calendula flowers are awesome and have numerous benefits for your skin. If your skin has become extremely dry and rough, you can use this amazing whipped body butter recipe to make your skin dreamy soft! Mix the ingredients and apply this awesome butter on your skin! It will make your skin smooth, shiny and bright as never before!

4. Beeswax Coconut Body Butter Recipe:


3 spoons Glycerin
3 spoons Beeswax
2 spoons Baby oil
3 spoons Coconut oil

Beeswax Coconut Body Butter Recipe
We love this fresh and awesome body butter which can turn your skin magical. If you want to repair your skin and want to make it baby soft, this is the best mixture which you can consider. Mix some glycerin, beeswax, baby oil and coconut oil and apply this nourishing body butter on your skin daily night before going to bed! This will simply turn your skin shiny and glorious!

5. Vitamin E Oil Whipped Coconut Body Butter Recipe:


3 spoons Coconut oil
2 spoons Vitamin e oil
Few drops Essential oil for fragrance

Vitamin E Oil Whipped Coconut Body Butter Recipe

We love this simple and extreme skin enriching mixture which will never fail to make your skin look flattering! Vitamin e oil can brighten and tighten your skin while coconut oil will add a youthful touch to your skin. Essential oils make the skin aromatic and amazingly shiny! Go for this natural and immensely skin enriching combination and make your skin look enviable everyday!

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